Holidays instead of polo tournament

yo who else is sick of standing around next to the courts?? I mean I barely get to do / see anything in the cities I travel to and most of the time I can’t even get a round of cards together because someone always has to play.

I just come because I like you people too much. So who wants to do shit outside of polo? I have pretty limited time but pls do ask!

First occasion is holidays in a beautiful house in Puglia 25ish of October - 4th of November with @Zita me and some good friends. lemme know if you wanna join :slight_smile:


So driving somewhere far to meet the same bunch of people you meet several times a year, just not with the purpose of playing polo but just chilling and doing holiday stuff? Interesting concept! I am in South Italy during the same time. Maybe I’ll have time to swing by.