How many Chihuahuas could you take on in a fight?

You have four hours and the field is as big as a football field.

  • less than 10
  • more than 10
  • more than 100
  • more than 300
  • more than 500
  • more than 1000

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what’s the underground like? grass or concrete?
concrete would make a stamping strategy more effective, in which case I reckon I could take on 1000+ - keep 'em coming.

Are the chihuahuas grass-fed. Are they suitable for vegans and will they make me a better poloplayer?

Problem with a 1000+ is that’s when the little freaks start rocking up with anomalies like this big lil boss boi


definitely concrete

none cuz animal cruelty will get me to jail . but good try poloverse, good try

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I can only count in maltipoos

as someone who just lost a good chihuahua friend, I fully agree

guess wearing my work boots would make it way easier :skull:

that’s allowed, @mackah69 even wanted to wear football shoes, which was also allowed by the arbiter @Leon

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So much hatred toward dogs :cry: Also, what does “take on” even mean? Are we talking a game of wits? Then I could deal with about 12 of them. If it’s noise we’re talking, I couldn’t even handle 1.

you know very well that it’s about physical violence. it may not be nice but that’s how it is