Is the Seattle authorized?

I’m a bit lazy and don’t want to check the ruleset (I’m not sure I’d find a direct answer in it) but is the Seattle (for the ones who don’t know, when you lightly shoot the ball and hook the goalie mallet to prevent them from blocking the ball to let the ball go through the bottom bracket) authorized and if not, why ? Is it dangerous or anything else ? I know about the “don’t hook a mallet if you can’t play the ball” rule but I’m the one doing the action and preventing the defense from touching my ball here.


As the ball carrier, you cannot engage the contact with your opponent mallet unless he or she does it first.
The Seattle supposes that :

  • you are the ball carrier as you did the last deliberate touch on the ball and you are still close to that ball,
  • you engage contact with the goalie’s mallet.
    So … Penalty.
    (But, that move is so cool)
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Thanks mister

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you can still do it after scoring the first 10 goals

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