Koncept Bike Polo Frame 'zeke' V2 w/front fork from JAPAN


Weight around 1.7kg(about 75% compare with normal Cro-mo frame) from Japan.
It comes with carbon-class lightweight front fork.
Target focused on smaller size players, who start to consider having his/her own polo specialized frame.

Verion2 is the updated version of the original version with only one and the most well expected upgrade, to use tapered head tube for greater toughness around the head tube and front fork area.
Tire clearance is 26x1.5 for maximum.

Koncept bicycle proudly introduce you this long longed design-in-Japan polo frame ‘zeke’ for your choice.
To make a light frame for bike polo is never been an easy duty.
Our design fit smaller players, while most of the European/American design do not.
Common saying, smaller players have disadvantage in power. To overcome this, we believe to reduce the load is one of the most effective way.
zeke is compact, super light and very good in agility, and is specially good for comparatively new players who wish to have her/his first polo specified bike.
We put hours of time discussed with active bicycle messengers, as well as veteran bike polo players, before determine the final measurement for the geometry. We are confidence that zeke is absolutely your best choice from daily practice to match.
In spite of the light weight, zeke is super strong by using squared tube(which have higher torsional strength and larger welding area than circular tube)at chain-stay and private design CNC rear end as well as powerful gusset plate.
*The frame/fork set come raw, un-coated(with 2 set of stickers).
*The maximum tire width allowance is 26"x1.5 for M/L, and 26"x1.25 for S
*Made in Taiwan

*For customer from location out of Japan:
-Price NOT include shipping charge.
-Payment will be settle by Paypal.
-Contact us by email through koncept_store@ybb.ne.jp and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Check the product photos and Geometry here:

Our official Instagram:
Our official Facebook:


yo, that’s beautiful, specially the rear ends :slight_smile:

what’s a “carbon-class” fork?

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Cool to see new frames in the market. Nice work

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Seriously cannot recommend this bike enough. Smallest wheel base and so light that I was shipped 2 of them in the same box and it felt like there was nothing in there. The weight might take a little getting used to but you will not be disappointed once you get your head around it. Especially fantastic if your a smaller player


Thank Emilio!
Its all about the weight.
Our fork weight only 710g.

Hello BigTableManners,
Thanks for your comments!
Yes that’s right we are new for Europe.
On the other hand we started to ship to America as well as Canada from 2017.
Nowaday, players from more than eight states riding our Zeke.
Would love to see more and more Zeke land on Europe count :smiley:

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Thanks for your love Will!


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Just message us at Facebook or Instagram, or email us if you have any needs.
Thanks in advance!

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