Le Grand Royal XI, Brussels

Name: Le Grand Royal XI

Dates: September the 17th & 18th 2022

Location: Place Louis Morichar, Brussels, Belgium

Format: 3vs3, 16 mixed teams

Description: more info soonish

Sign-Up: Link Below / lottery on August the 7th

The registrations are open as soon as this event is online, and ends on the 7th of august. no rush, we will use a draw.

as the previous editions, all teams are welcome to register, but you need to know that we will give a priority to the mixed teams : we will first draw the mixed, then the rest of teams.
Please fill this registration form : Le Grand Royal XI

Registration fees will be 60€ per team, breakfast and lunch on Saturday (not on sunday), and some other enjoyable stuff…
the payment will be asked right after the draw to validate the registration. Two options : bank transfer or PayPal. no cash. Specific payment informations will be given in a proper post.

The format will be regular 16 teams Swiss round (1 big group) + double elimination. because we like to stick together and it’s easier for the reffing turnover. please get involved in the reffing. you know all refs are a blessing.

Bring you own dishes and cup ! absolutely NO plastic shit will be bought.

Please remember that this is a downtown location, and it’s one of the most crowded regular tournament in Europe… so even if we will set up a players zone, LOCK YOUR BIKE AND WATCH YOUR STUFF !

Off court schedule : TBA

TEAM LIST (as of August 20th)

Nashville Strickers : Elodie, Mass, Brice
Pamela : Billy, Otto, Johanna/Mathijs
Full Boulevard : Patrick, Holger, Kim
Disco Sour :Ladina, Piks, Clément
Rock paper scissors : Maarten, Gitti, Adam
Pasticini : Bulle Decarpentries , Enrico Pancera, Quentin Bouchard
TBA : Eliska, Hagen, Tijs
TBA : Benwa, Lina Cordoba, Andy
GUCCI GANG : Clem, Claire, Gautier
Mongrels international : Elena, Emmet, Morgan
Cóndores : Emilia, Hugo, Emmanuel
Caramba : Nele, Max, Greg
Lettuce In : Quentin, Theo, Mya
Hot Mess : Laura, Ziemek, Chukker
Tony Dancefloor : Judith, Pablo, Momo
Cowboy Dreams : Fin Skillen, Phil Roberts, Johanna


Free agent :slight_smile:

Registrations are open!


Already 10 teams in the lottery !

One more week to go before registration ends!!


Free agent :black_heart:


Rafa (lefty) aus Düsseldorf und ich (righty) suchen noch.

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i’m from Brussels and looking for a team !

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14 teams registered so far!
2 days left till lottery …

Hi @sam! I’m a player from New York City. I’m coming to Berlin for a work trip the week before this tournament, and would love to join you and @Patchesz in Brussels for Le Grand Royal, if you still need a teammate!

I’ve been playing polo for 14 years, and am a great teammate! :smiley: :smiley:

(Ich habe Deustch im Schule gelernt, aber habe Ich alles vergessen! Entschuldigung!)

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I am looking for a team to play with in Brussels, hit me up if you need a WTNB player in your team! greetings from Berlin :v:


Hello @PinkPrincess! I’m a player from NYC and will be in Berlin the week of Sept 11 - 16. I’d like to go to play in Brussels the weekend after…if I can find a team! (I asked Sam and Patchesz above, but I haven’t heard from them yet.)

I would love to team up with you!

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Free agent form Brussels;-)

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As of today 1pm we have 19 registered teams :man_dancing:t4:

Registrations close tonight at 11:59:59

Lottery will happen on Monday evening ( some have still to get their brains and bodies back after this awesome Berlin Mixed, thanks for understanding)


Last minute free agent!


……Team List?..

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Goedenavond allemaal

Here is the result of the lotery ran tonight

16 teams are IN :

Nashville Strickers: Elodie, Mass, Brice
Pamela: Billy, Otto, Johanna/Mathijs
Full Boulevard: Patrick, Holger, Kim
Disco Sour :Ladina, Piks, Clément
Rock paper scissors: Maarten, Gitti, Adam
Pasticini: Bulle Decarpentries , Enrico Pancera, Quentin Bouchard
TBA: Eliska, Hagen, Tijs
TBA: Benwa, Lina Cordoba, Andy
GUCCI GANG: Clem, Claire, Gautier
Mongrels international : Elena, Emmet, Morgan
Cóndores: Emilia, Hugo, Emmanuel
Caramba: Nele, Max, Greg
Lettuce In: Quentin, Theo, Mya
Hot Mess: Laura, Ziemek, Chukker
Tony Dancefloor: Judith, Pablo, Momo
Cowboy Dreams: Fin Skillen, Phil Roberts, Johanna

And the waiting list :

Filets de tofu: Martin, Äri, Jovina
Lefty Hijinks: Rafael, Astrid, Sam
Triple shot Express-oh: Andy, Johanna, Phil
InternationalLoveAffair: Lisa, Julien, Levin
Stolen king II: Cécile, Dani Genna, TBA
Des Mog(g) i: Moggi, Pedro, Kevin Rose

Dropped :

Ela Ela : Vangelis Saul Romana

Team captains will reveice an email soonish with registration info and fee, this fee will have to be paid within 7 days, then you know the deal…

We all can’t wait to see you all!



Thank you 🥲

I guess I am still free agent… the teams are exciting :slight_smile:


Wow, what a team list! Gunna be some quality polo in Brussels this year :ok_hand:

Also, someone please pick up Andy as a free agent so we can have some fun awesome family time!


Free agent


sorry Otto, i didn’t see your message and didn’t realize registration closed already :sob::sob::sob: guess i am still a free agent!

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