leaning against goal = leaning against wall

I don’t get why one is allowed and the other is a dab. I can see how garbing or the top bar of the goal for balance is not in the spirit of the game( horizontal surface), but bumping into it is a dab?

Bumping into it, or using it to balance permanently? You are not banned to contact it, hit it, bump into it with e.g. your butt/wheel/legwhile making a reasonable defensive move, hulk smashing or whatever and without shifting it like crazy in doing so. But blatently leaning against or balancing using the goal is a nono. You tripod on your mallet, you track stand, or you jump around. Those are the options.

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Might be a rule set thing so sorry for being misinformed, but the wording here is ambiguous, but I agree with you post.
§8.1.3 – A player that leans with any portion of their body against or grabs the goal with their hand for stability is considered a dabbed player.

For stability to me means they would otherwise lose balance and dab.

I heard something about a goal that didn’t have a top bar? that would be a way for equipment to solve uncertainty.

That’s old school. Firm cross bars have been mandatory for many years. There are not many issues with enforcing this rule. Advanced players don’t need the goal frame for balance, beginners may have to be reminded here and there, but they understand quickly how to place themselves and balance without leaning on the goal.