Let's talk about the PM System again

I still think this pm system is confusing as fuck. let’s say I’m looking for a link someone sent me in a pm at some point. I’d have to find all pm topics with this person and scroll forever.
I’d still very much prefer a system where there’s only one pm topic with the same participants.
@leevi do you have any guess if that would be feasible / how much work it would be?

yes! I agree that it is confusing - or when I want to write someone I chatted with a while ago, it is way easier to just start a new convo instead of finding the old one. which causes the problem remy is describing!
even worse is that if you go to the messages site, they only show the icon of the people in a chat and not their usernames - so you might have to search for a while there

but there are also heaps of good things: you can search private conversations via the site-wide search bar, just add “in:personal” to restrict to pm’s.

Apparently there will be some kind of chat system in upcoming Discourse 2.9. We’re currently on 2.8. That could help, or not.

I can’t find any built-in solution for this, but maybe some plugin could do it.

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One setting to mitigate this problem a little:

max personal messages per day

Maximum number of new personal message topics a user can create per day.

Currently 20. By setting this to 1 a user would be forced to use existing pm topic at least for the day…

e: unless this number is shared to all recipients… Which would mean you can only create this many new pm topics to any recipient daily… Not good

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