The LOST MIND torunament gets out of your mind into reality.

on April 20th somebody wants to celebrate an18th birthday with you.

location: Leipzig Grünau, Garskestr. 3.
date: 20.04.2024
time: 10 til dark (should be around 8:30pm)

Format: 3v3 fixed Teams/Round robin.
size: 9 teams respectively 27 persons

Registration: send an email to lostspirit@gmx.ch

containing name, city maybe team name - the usual stuff.
You can register as team or as a single person.
The remaining persons will be shuffeled to teams.

Registration is open now. If too many people have registered by April 5 we will do a drawing lottery. The birthday person will have the right to fix on some persons though.

The court is on public ground, so we are thinking about getting dixi-toilets there. If we do we neet to take a fee of ~10€ per person.

Otherwise there will be music, CAKE, grocery stores in foot range
and - of course - love, peace and polo.


Julia and i looking for a third person to team up. :slight_smile:

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Registered so far.


  1. haben wir noch nicht: Katja (LEJ), Malte (LEJ), Olli (DD)
  2. c steht für Zusammenhalt: Daniel (HAL), Paula (HAL), Hagen (LEJ)
  3. YTBN: Julia (B), Frieda, (B), IZI (LEJ)
  4. wild style: MG (B), Karsten (B), Gitti (B)
  5. tba: Ernji, Luise, Benny F.


  1. Filippa (LEJ)
  2. Christiane (LEJ/BUP/ NBG)
  3. Richie (here)
  4. Sebi (DD)
  5. Gabi (B)
  6. Annick(VIE)
  7. Stefan (VIE)
  8. Jules (B)
  9. Janosch (LEJ)
  10. Julia (LEJ)
  11. Frix
  12. Carsten (DD)

Can I register without a team or how does this work?

You can register as person or as team, however you like.
You can also change to team after registerin.

In the end we will form 9 Teams somehow and play round robin.