Lost Spirit Tournament - Leipzig-Grünau . 27.8.22

Lost Spirit Tournament

27.08.22 (28.08.22 if needed) Garskestr. 3, Leipzig

After the exclusion of two FLINTA players at the 3…2…2…1…Halle tournament we decided to do a one day tournament for AnyBody. We think Bikepolo should be a sport for everyone despite age, gender or skills. So feel welcome to join.

Individual Registration

You can register as a Team or Player. No registration fee. Registration is open until 25.08.22.

Please send an email to lostspirit@gmx.ch

Alleycat Lost Places

Friday, 26.08.22, 5pm, Meeting Point Leipzig, Markthallenstr., in front of the former ‘Bowlingtreff‘ 51°20’07.8"N 12°22’36.2"E


If you need accommodation please contact us (Email above or Telegramgroup).


Link: Telegram: Join Group Chat


Please buy your own stuff. There are several supermarkets nearby.


Please get tested every day.

Looking forward to see you at the tournament.

Richie, Christiane, Frieda, Karsten, Katja


Registered have so for:

complete Teams:

  1. Frieda, Lech, Erni (Bln,Lzg)
  2. Karsten, Filippa, Aljoscha (BLN,LZG,LEH)
  3. Sh! Don’t tell the ref - Emilio, MG, TBA (BLN)
  4. Christiane, Luise, Richie (LZG)
  5. Katja, Malte, Jörg (LZG/Wellington,NZ)
  6. Gitti, Julia, TBA (BLN)

Individual Players:

  1. Franky (Bup)
  2. Till (Bup)
  3. Stefan (Vie)
  4. Pascal (Bup)
  5. Lisa T (Bln)
  6. Zücki (Connewitz)
  7. Ole (Bup/Goe)
  8. Daniel (Hal)
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Es war super schön bei Euch. Danke für alles. Hugs and Love :two_hearts: