Hi everyone!! This is the oficial anouncement of our first FLINTA MIX open in Spain, Valencia. Welcome to MACEDONIA (a varied fruit salad)!!!

From FLINTA Spain we want to invite you to this crazy idea to help us to aproach FLINTA perspective to Spain, motivating more FLINTA people to play and enjoy with us! This is also a wonderfull oportunity to play with other people and get closer to our polo family!

Very soon you will have available the inscription link, and more info, sooo stay tuned!!!

flinta cartel 1



That’s awesome! How many FLINTAs should be in a team?

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One at least, as many FLINTA players more points to the lottery :blush::kissing_heart::fire::bike:

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free agent for this tournament. anyone needs a third or wanna team up?


anyone has experience carrying bikes on Vueling? :flight_departure:

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just Ryanair so far Emilio. What do you need?

wanted to know how stress free i can travel with them, by just packing my bike as regular luggage

I did exactly that. I bought a regular bag on my local chinese store that actually had the same size Ryanair gave me as maximum. I put my mallets, helmets, etc inside. For both flights they asked me about the content of the package (say it’s tools, helmet,clothes, not a bike) asked me to put it on the “big luggage” area when doing check-in and it showed up also on “big luggage” area when picking it up… but overall no stress tbh.
Happy to have you in Valencia btw!
Looking forward !

Free agent for this! Ill be in Spain at the time and would love to play in this. I know polo real well, speak okay spanish, and already have Valencia on my itinerary. I’d be happy to team up with beginners or rippers. Cheers!

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Thers a spanish boy needing a Team too, Will try to put you in Contact!

Unfortunately i won’t make it to Valencia. It takes to long by train and flights are super expensive with bike. Hopefully next year!