Mallet Shaft Discussion

Hi all, am in the market for some new shafts and am a bit at a loss as to what to go for and was hoping to get some real world feedback on some of the options out there. Based in Australia too for what that’s worth.

Have previously had good success with Perro maestro shafts but they seem to be out of stock and will be for a while longer. The Lightfoot ones are great for the price but found the shafts to be a bit too bendy/fragile for my liking. Same experience with DOM (seems the lack of taper did not help with strength after all…). Prior to that always used the Australian based Swallows stuff which are long since gone now unfortunately.

In terms of current options the Donata sceptre looks very similar (same?) as the Perro maestro but their store does not seem to post outside of USA. Milk also look good but would be stuck with <1m shafts due to shipping limitations which is a huge bummer. I notice Roger use 7001 alloy compared the more common 7075 which they claim is better but have anecdotally heard mixed things. I have also stumbled across Raccoon polo from Italy who have a flash instagram but have not heard anything about them beyond that. Never tried a carbon option like Voltige and am curious to how they’d hold up? I also saw Hecklers got some NOS Arena shafts in recently but also have no real read on those.

Basically I am hoping this thread can be a place where people share their experiences with different mallet shafts and the various pros or cons. What are you currently using and why?


all my data on mallets are here

in your situation i would just go with lightfoots or try sourcing ski poles.

you could hold the lightfoot shaft upside down so the tappered end is your grip end to fit it to a different head hole size or just order the heads to any seller without pre drilled holes.
stubborn is also a german leipzig based brand