🗓 Maribor- OPEN - ı. International Bike Polo Tournament

FIRST EVER TOURNAMENT IN SLOVENIA! So yeah, we are really doing it.

3v3 Bikepolo Tournament
27th to 28th August
16 Teams

Registration via Email to bikepolo.maribor@gmail.com
Spots are still available.

Send teamname and players (+city), max. 1 TBA

After the team list is published we will send you an email for your conformation.
Registration fee is 45€ per team.
You have to pay in advance via PayPal or bank transfer.

You will get further information when you register.

3…2…1. polo!


Spots are still available.

Registration via Email to

Team list:

  1. Human Fish : DAVID(Maribor) - PETER(Maribor) - MIGUEL(Vienna)
  2. Confusion : BLAZ - JAN - MATEJ(Ptuj)
  3. Dravski lignji : ŽIGA(Maribor) - TINA(Vienna-Maribor) - MATEJ(Zagreb)
  4. Dynamo Westbahn : CHRISTOPHER - GEORG(Linz) - PAUL (Vienna)
  5. Ruš our : MATEEN - JOVI(Vienna) - JONAS(Graz)
  6. mir is wurscht : LEA – PROLO - MAX(Graz)
  7. “mezzo forte” : FELIX – ZAPPA(Graz) – TBA
  8. ¡ay caramba! : ANNICK – OMAYRA – KUBA(Vienna)
  9. High Content Low Quality : TOMMY - GALLO - RIKI(Milano)
  10. Top of the pony : TOP(Milano) - MAZZETTA(Vittorio Veneto) -BRESCA(Conegliano)
  11. Once again : ANDRZEJ - JAN - FRANEK(Poland)
  12. Rookies of Shaolin : JIRKA(Pardubice) - TOMAS(Prague) - JONAS(Prague)
  13. Hardcastle : ELIŠKA - MAX - MARTIN (Prague)
  14. PWR of 3’ll set you free : ANA - ASTRID - CONNY(Vienna)
  15. "Ordini da un altro mondo “ : GEORG(Vienna) - ALESAANDRO(Pescara) - NIKO(Toronto)

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce some details of the tournament.

First of all, the tournament will be on 27-28 August.

However, we have good news for people who would like to come on the 26th. We will be on the court doing some last minute arrangements and have some drinks and play some pick-ups all together.


We have arranged a free camp site for all of you to camp and shower. You can find the location in the attached map.



We will provide shuttle service on Saturday morning from Maribor Main Train Station to Ruše Sports Park and Sunday evening from Ruše Sports Park to Maribor Main Train Station.

If you need the shuttle service, please let us know with details of your arrival and departure.

For those crazy enough to cycle, Ruše Sports Park is about 30 minutes away from Maribor center by bike and you can find the safe cycling route in the following link:


We will be providing breakfasts for 27-28th.

Additionally, we are in the process of arranging lunches as well. There will be further information as we receive it.

!!!P.S. :Bring your cutlery and cups for the meals.

Registration fee:

We would like you to send the registration fee (45€/per team) through paypal to ppeter235@gmail.com by 14.08.2022.

If we do not receive your payment, you will not be included in the tournament schedule but come to watch it anyhow.

See you at court!!!


Hello, everyone, @LeftyPaul
I was speaking to Jirka, he recommended to contact you regarding to teams looking for players.
Me and Adam are coming and we are looking to join someone.
We are both beginners, I guess we met in Brno few weeks ago.

(also not a problem to form our own team and pay the fee if you would know about some third player :wink:


Thanks for the offer! Team 4 and 7 are now one team, so you’ll have to find another third player. I’m sure you’ll find someone! :grin: See you there!

Hello everyone,

We are here to remind you that Roger Bike Polo has free shipping to the tournament.
Please take a look and choose Maribor-Open for shipping address.
Deadline is tomorrow…
Go fetch your things…


Hey guys, gals & everyone,
I’m looking at the weather report and it does not look good for the weekend, especially considering that camping is the only option for people without a car.
Do you have any tarps, gazebos, stuff to keep our things dry? Do you have tools to get the water off the court? Because I fear it is going to be fairly wet - maybe we have to switch to a swimming contest :astonished:

Morning Group (start 9:00)

Mir is wurscht - Lea, Prolo, Max (Graz)
Mezzo Forte - Felix, Zappa, Hollywood (Graz)
Dravski lignji - Žiga, Tina (Maribor), Matej (Zagreb)
Dynamo Westbahn - Christopher, Georg (Linz), Paul (Vienna)
Once again - Andrzej, Jan, Franek (Poland)
High Content Low Quality - Tommy, Gallo, Riki (Milano)
Hardcastle - Eliska, Max, Martin (Prague)
"Ordini da un altro mondo “ - Georg (Vienna), Alessaandro (Pescara), Niko (Toronto)

Afternoon Group (start 14:15)

Human Fish - Peter, David (Maribor), Miguel (Vienna)
Ruš our - Mateen, Jovi (Vienna), Jonas (CPG)
Confusion - Blaz, Jan, Matej (Ptuj)
¡ay caramba! - Annick, Omayra, Kuba (Vienna)
Top of the pony - Top, Mazzetta (Vittorio Veneto), Bresca (Conegliano)
Rookies of Shaolin - Jirka (Pardubice), Tomas, Jonas (Prague)
PWR of 3’ll set you free - Ana, Astrid, Conny (Vienna)

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Yes there is bad weather in maribor. However, the whole week it was drizzle and we do not think that its going to be any different.
The camping area is on a football field which is maintained properly but i would recommend that you bring your own tarp and other protection for camping.
Regarding the court, it is located in a sports center anyway. They have all the necessary equipment to deal with these type of situations. Also, we have 3 pavilions that will keep you dry when you r not playing.
Hope this helps.

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Dear participants…

New morning and afternoon groups are as you can see…

There will be no further changes on the groups and you will be evaluated as no show.

See you at the court…


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