Maribor Open III - International Bikepolo Tournament

Save the date for… 17 -18. 8. 2024!!!

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce the details of the tournament.

First of all, the tournament will be on 17-18 August 2024.

However, we have good news for people who would like to come on the 16th. We will be on the court doing some last-minute arrangements and have some drinks and play some pick-ups all together.


We are trying to arrange sleeping next to the court in stundent dorm. More info coming soon!


We will provide shuttle service on Saturday morning from Maribor Main Train Station to Ruše Sports Park and Sunday evening from Ruše Sports Park to Maribor Main Train Station.

If you need the shuttle service, please let us know with details of your arrival and departure.

For those crazy enough to cycle, Ruše Sports Park is about 30 minutes away from Maribor center by bike and you can find the safe cycling route in the following link:

Drava Bike - uradna spletna stran

Radlje ob Dravi–Maribor 4


We will be providing breakfasts and lunches for 17-18th as before.

!!!P.S.: Bring your cutlery and cups for the meals.

Registration dates/fee:

Registration starts from 21.06.2024 at 17.00 to 26.07.2024 and it will be on a first come first served basis so don’t forget to register as soon as possible.

Registration via email to
Send team name along with players (+city) max one TBA.

We would like you to send the registration fee (60 € / per team) through PayPal to by 2.08.2024.

If we do not receive your payment, you will not be included in the tournament schedule but come to watch it anyhow.

See you at court!!!


After a cycling trip I might be in Maribor that period. In case I can join a team, I’d love to!! :) Don’t hesitate to contact me.
Cheers, Brecht (from Brussels)


Team List?



1.Human Fish: Peter (Maribor), David (Maribor), Miguel (Vienna)
2. Confusion: Blaž (Ptuj), Matej (Ptuj), TBA
3. trouble fakers: Ana (Vienna), Frie (Vienna), TBA
4. AYMO NASHI: Iva (Duga Resa), Mateen (Vienna), Johanna (Vienna)
5. Spoke break 3000: Christopher (Linz), Georg (Vienna), Conny (Vienna)
6. THE WALL: Kuba (Vienna), Äri (Vienna), Alan (Santa Fe, Argentina)
7. Radio City: Django, Hansi, Jonas (Graz)


Hi, I wrote you an email but I didn’t receive a response

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Hey hey, just sent an email to you. Your email went to spam for some reason.

hi, Brecht I’m looking for two teammates, would you be interested?