Matching set of high end hubs? Freewheel vs cassette?


I’m building up a new polo bike for the first time in many years (Enforcer 13 26”) I am going to build up a wheelset too but am having a hard time finding a matching set of hubs that are dedicated single speed rim brake rear and disc front.

I guess I am really having a hard time finding a single speed rear hub (freewheel or freebody) that is non disc (rim brake) that matches a disc brake front. Seems you need to make one of the following compromises: front disc with matching rear single speed disc ( the disc mount would go unused), OR a disc front with a matching rear non-disc rear but it’s a multispeed freebody and you’ll end up with some unnecessary dish for a ss wheel, OR a non matching set of hubs where you’d have non-disc ss in rear and a disc in front but the spoke circle diameters are different and one hub will have tall flanges and the other will have short flanges (as with a Paul WORD hub paired to a Paul Disc Fhub).

Currently leaning towards having a matchi g set with an unused rear disc mount like the Paul Disc WORD and the Disc Fhub, or any Chris King, Hope, or Onyx single speed freebody sets.

Also what are your thoughts on single speed freewheel vs single speed cassette?

TLDR: what high end hub manufacturers make a single speed non- disc (rim brake) rear hub?

If you have the cash go onyx. I’ve had king, and Paul word with WI freewheel. Cassette hubs are almost always better for chain line…

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i was sceptical about the speed freehubs with lot of dishes but lot of players use them with no issues.

id say only onyx do the ss rear hub nondisc or if you find this discontinued " universal " chris king one you can take out the disc mount adapter

talk with julian aristeo about onyx axles tho some of them be failing

is it even a thing to find a freewheel hub with 135 spacing ?



Paul makes a couple 135 rear freewheel hubs: the Word hub (no disc mount, low flange, no matching front disc hub), and the also make the Disc Word (disc mount, medium flange, matches Disc FHub).

White Industries also makes a couple 135 single speed freewheel hubs: ENO (a fixed/ free flip flop) and ENO Disc (ss with disc mount)

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i would go freehub body , it really improved my game being able to change the ratio easily with just swaping the cog

the chris king ring drive engagement system is very decent and solid , hope and hydra systems are similar to a white industries freewheel ( springs + pawls)

onyx is probably above everything with their instant engagement system