Mobile friendliness

Here’s a screenshot of what a private conversation looks like on the phone - basically the same as on desktop.
I still don’t understand why it shouldn’t just straight up look like a messenger app on the phone or if that could be implemented. what do you think?
discourse screenshot

And what about push notifications? Am I the only one using the app? I would like to have push notifications and then play around with the settings but it doesn’t work for me. here’s what discourse says about this: Pushover notifications - plugin - Discourse Meta
can someone help me out??

We can add that. I think it only changes notifications for iphone though right?

Yup I didnt’t really read it carefully the first time

Can anyone help me figure out why notifications only work sometimes on my android phone? Could it be that the app has to be open for them to get through? Would there be any workaround for this?


I think it’s still the same. please let’s try and keep testing this thing

@flat_humour which app are you using?

I found different ways to use the forum:

  1. The main web app, of course. On iPhone we are able to add the app to home screen (from Safari) and it works exactly like a native app, without Safari’s default bars;

  2. An app named Fig (iOS), very nice, but it doesn’t use the actual theme, it reorganizes things in its own way. still very user-friendly and well done;

  3. Another app named DiscoursHub (iOS), which allow us to add more than one Discourse forum, and it works using the native web app engine, preserving the actual theme.

Since I don’t have any android device (a part from a Mac emulator which I use for debugging) please let us know if there are other native or 3rd party Discourse app


I’m using discourseHub

Inside a catergorie, on smaller screen (here iphone x) it’s not that readable: