Montpellier Mixed - 24 teams - April 20th-21st 2024


Montpellier Bike Polo is proud to present:

The Montpellier Mixed!
2 days, 3v3 tournament, 2 courts, 24 teams!

Registration now open!
Draw was done on the 1st of February if more than 24 teams registered!

All additional infos including free agent form, free agent list, team list linktree

Expect the usual deal Breakfast :pancakes: & Hosting :bed: taken care of, craft beer on tap :beers: and more!
Come check out flamingoes :flamingo: in the south of France :fr: and enjoy great weather with almost no risk of rain! :sunny:

15€ per person :+1:

See you all soon!

:writing_hand: by Victoria Page


might es well put my free agent post out there already → free agent :smiley:

Free agent!

Event updated with registration form!


There will be a draw!

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Free agent

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Payment deadline 17th of February, check your emails and spam folder!