NAH vs Euro rules whats the difference? can we get a consistent ruleset?

I’ve been reading the two rulesets this morning and I’m struggling to understand why we don’t have unified ruleset. What are the major hang ups preventing this from happening? There’s already enough confusion about rules as it is why have two systems?


I say keep them both, even if there is no difference, still acts as fuel to the fire for a bit of ego and competition.

I mean I’d be pretty excited if more continental rulesets started popping up.

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Also doesn’t have to necessarily become a sort of continentalism. I remember back in 2013ish the UK scene talked about taking on the NAH ruleset as opposed to EHBPA’s.

Though that may have just been some kinda Blairite poodle kink; a hardcourt fantasy pre-empting Brexit.


People are always trying out new rules within their communities, and this is how the rules and the game get better.

There would be less confusion about the rules if people actually read them. Also, amongst the people who discuss the rules and ref regularly there are still confusions and differences of opinion, even when they are using the same ruleset. Having one ruleset for all the continents would not change this!

I like embracing differences, and experimenting with the rules. The important thing is that there is a briefing before each tournament begins so that everybody understands the rules as they will be played at that tournament.


why nah max handlebars are 660mm
and euro 700mm

what data are they using to rule out handlebars ? imo if a player is huge and have large shoulders he should be able to ride comfortably 700mm handlebars…

anyway i started editing the euro ruleset high lighting every thing different from NAH, im just starting with the first section and want to see if everyone is able to open that pdf and read the sidenotes.

this document intend to make it easier for a polo person to see what are the small differences with little impact (yellow highlight) and important differences (red high light) that might get him in trouble in a tourney (IE handlebar sizes). green highlight will be used just to clarify something and help the reader in his study of both rulesets but not pointing out an actual difference.

Benji Ruleset 2020-.pdf (404.6 KB)


wow, thanks for doing this - this seems super useful for when there’s a big international tournament again some day (fingers crossed)

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well is it working for you ? im actually going to re write it entirey without the “notes” function…

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I could see the highlights and some comments.
how are you going to rewrite it?
And who are you writing it for? From an European perspective, I’m wondering what is more helpful - having the NAH ruleset with highlights pointing out the differences or the European one. The first would help if the reader knows the European one pretty well - which I am not sure is a good assumption in general :joy:

and - but this is asking for a lot - I would have wanted to be able to read the relevant section from the NAH ruleset, see how it is worded, rather than just having a comment.

but even just the highlights would be helpful!

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yeah ! i ll rewritte with the actual section ! thats what i thought as well. also this way its quit universal.

im trying to fuse both ruleset and their differences in one doc , i just happen to have choosen the ehba one as the main ine but i could have done it the other way around. what would make more sense for you ?

I can see advantages in both:
for people who are very familiar with the european ruleset, having an edited NAH ruleset would be nice to get a quick overview of what is different without having to spend too much time going trough it line by line.
but I think I’d prefer a Euro version with remarks like: “this is different in the us ruleset, where handle bars must be shorter than X cm, see paragraph Y” - I also think this second approach would have a larger target audience here in europe - or maybe not :slight_smile:

so what i could do is delete completely the parts of the rule sets that are exactly the same in both ?

The master troll strikes again :joy:

not sure, we currently playing london league games under NAH rules

Hi @OGxBENJI, thanks for making this - it is very helpful. Don’t suppose there has been any further progress? Would be great to understand the other key differences between the rulesets to properly evaluate the proposed changes that NAH have released.

From a quick look, I think the newest increment of NAH rules goes in a similar direction as the last EHBA rules went, in parts it goes significantly further (e.g. foul escalation, hooking). I will give it a detailed review soon.


Thanks django. Have never delved into the EHBA rules in detail so if I can lean on someone else’s ‘TLDR’ would be very helpful.

i went into a bit of a hard time just even u derstanding the ruleset myself so as a one man job this merged ruleset is still building but just slowly.

i also just wanted to push the rule discussion to go forward which kinda worked :grin:

im very interested in the recent nah proposal , both in the way they adress a few inconvenience ( my personal fav is the quicker in between goals procedure 15 sec countdown) and the actual voting process