NEWBALAYA bench in Bordeaux - How to get there?!

Hello Polo Rookies,

I’m a newbie (started in Feb’22) with a bit of tournament experience. I started playing during my Erasmus stay in Spain. The polo club in Pamplona asked me if I would like to play on the NEWBALAYA bench in Bordeaux. They are still looking for a non-dude player. I would really like to play there, the only problem is that I am running out of money and I don’t know how to get there. It wouldn’t be a problem to get there from Spain, but I will already be back in Leipzig (Germany) when the tournament takes place. So I am looking for other players from Germany who would like to play in this tournament. Maybe we can share the costs for the journey or you have already found a cheap way to get there or something like that.

I am happy about any contact or idea.

Many greetings, Elena


Elena !! mega welcome to Bordeaux in October <3 !!
i do’nt really know about German clubs, but maybe @flat_humour can tell about Freibourg freshyfreshy polo playerz ?