Newbie introduction and trainings 2023

Compte-rendu réunion 26_9.pdf (79,5 KB)

Yesterday we met with some motivated people to organize Newbie and further-on-training. We had a good constructive time and are happy with the results. Ahoo! :slight_smile: We made a clear report of this meeting for everyone of you to follow our ideas and initiatives which you find as attachment of this mail.

Maybe some focus points to mention, the introduction/nembie trainings will take place on:

  • 1/10 @ Delta at 1pm, pickups from 2pm
  • 15/10 @ Delta at 1pm, FLINTA only (all day)
  • 22/10 @ Delta at 1pm, pickups from 2pm
  • 28/10: reserve date depending of succes or fail of earlier dates

We take care of the introduction moment, but please come over to support for the pickups, taking into account newbies will be riding with us, and that we want to keep them :slight_smile:

To encourage more diversity in the club, we propose Sunday 15th of October as a training day reserved to FLINTA, like this lowering the threshold to join our wonderful sport and club.

There’s a whatsapp group to invite Newbies and to communicate with them. Feel free to join, or to invite interested people. The link to become a member is: WhatsApp-Gruppeneinladung

For further details of our discussion, have a look at the doc. If there’s any questions, don’t hesitate to answer.

And if any of you is interested to join our gathered forces, feel free to join our next meeting.

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