Northside polo podcast


Have you guys been following the Northside polo podcast?

I give it a strong recommendation, the content is absolutely fantastic. Talks about equipment, rules, development with interviews. Guest are mostly American celebrities!

They also have a Tik Tok, an Instagram profile, and a Youtube channel all with the same name.

It’s made by 3 lovely Canadian guys. Alex, Gavin and Liam.

For non native english speakers: the accent is easy to understand, sometimes it gets a bit technical and there’s sometimes some North American slang, but you should be able to understand most of it.


I recently found there podcast and managed to listen to 37 podcasts in 3 week really interesting for somebody like me who has only just discovered hard court bike polo in my youth being 51 . Still seems a bit neich here in the UK obviously big over the pond .Highly addictive and just want to play


Isn’t there starting another one?

We should do an European one though 🥹


The other one is ,before the joust‘

Yo! But what’s the song at the end of every episode?

isnt that one only on Spotify?