October sun 24

Barão Bikepolo is proud to introduce an other édition of October Sun :partying_face:
This year it will be from friday october 11th to sunday 13th

3 days of polo
Free camping next to the court
24 teams
First come first served
Registration open baraobikepolo@gmail.com

Nb : make sure all the team can be here all three days before you register.

More infos to come


Here is the teamlist, all slots has been filled last night already.
I ll send all the teams an email soon with the PayPal adress to pay the registration fees to secure your spot with à deadline, if you havent paid by the date your slot will go to the next team on the waitinglist.
There will be no refound, if you pay and lastminute cancel, the team Who could lastminute come will have their fees paid already as it is always harder and more expensive to go to a tournament when you know it the week before

1/ Mariadonas : Maria, Orlando, Lewis
2/ Barão 2
3/ Barão 3
4/ Barão 4
5/ Fast turtles : Ze presunto, Nuno soares, Hector (Avanca)
6/Blinded by the ball : Silveira (Lisbonne), Peixoto, Bruno
7/ Scrambled Legs : Lette (Berlin) Levin(Halle) Robert(Halle)
8/ Latina Thunder! : Johnny (zgz), Tony (London), Victor (Iruña)
9/ 42ASSE : Guerbish/Martiti/CreamyNik (Saint-Etienne)
10/ Super Bock : Paula, Daniel, Hagen (Halle/ Leipzig)
11/ Alright My Luvvers : Thom Hylton (Bristol), Marika (Cardiff), tba
12/ TBA : Christoph, Julius, Joner
13/ Karl’s Kumpaninen : Judith (Hamburg), Frieda (Berlin), tba
14/Knödeln : Kat (Bristol), Lucy (Bristol), Kat (Birmingham)
15/TBA : Mauro (Frankfurt am Main), Adrian (Frankfurt am Main), Miguel (Frankfurt am Main)
16/ TBA : Sarah, Phil, Harry (Bristol)
17/ TBA : Kropa (Dublin), Natalie ( Geneve), Joel ( Bex)
18/ TBA : Mya (London), Piks (Brussels), Mass ( Barão)
19/ TBA : Olivier ( Barão), Alix (Zurich), tba
Summertime : Miles (LND), Matt plumber (LND), Saul (LND)
20/ Shite Hawks : Dave, Mark, Robbie (Dublin)
21/ Barão Tourist : Bulle (Bruxelles), OG Benji (London) Tomtox (Paris)
22/ Slingshot : James, Johnny, Zsofi (Bristol)
23/ Lazer : Berny (Bordeaux), Martin (Paris), Romain (Paris)
24/ TBA : Jesse, Mischa, tba

Waiting List :
25/ Caramba : Max, Greg, Nele
26/ Dill with it : Will (Valencia), Daniel (Halle), Rita (Berlin)
27/ Pixies : Dev (Boston), Madej (Bielsko Biała), Pajac (Warszawa)


Free Agent :sob:

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Looks like there are 25 teams in the teamlist?
Summertime doesn’t have a number attached.

Don’t get too excited

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maybe free agent :)

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Freee for play!!

Free Agent!


Free Agent ———[] 🪩

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Free Agent :)

free agent 🕵️‍♂️