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Don’t scroll stay here!
A) we need some things fixed here and
b) we (@Johanna @momo @leevi and me rn it seems) want to push this platform forward!


Soooo we need users and we need engagement, how do we do this? Mini games? Lottery with prices? Pyramid scheme? Shitty ‘poloverse’ merch? Bring your ideas, tag a friend and get a chance to win a meet and greet with none other than @BigTableManners at the bäregrabe in bern!!


Ah yes please tag a friend who knows some webdesign :)))

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Well… I intend to try to force my entire club to use this platform ONLY.
Mainly because Poloverse doesn’t help create genocides.

More constructively, to answer your question.

  1. The way tournaments are posted needs to be flawlessly awesome, ideally with a means to register for tournaments via one’s poloverse account.

  2. A polling system for club pick-ups would facilitate a more comfortable shift from facebook group pages.


There is a polling option:) i wrote a pretty lo’g introduction to poloverse, how to build a poll is under IV: FAQ/ User Guide - #2 by system
Thanks for helping! Most important thing for new users (they won’t read my whole text) is that they set up their notifications by looking around for categories/ topics they might be interested in and setting them to ‘watched’


Learned how to do polls, it’s super duper awesome and easily customized. perfect for our pick-ups.

Next I will create an official NEWBALAYA tournament on Poloverse. If there is a way to create some kind of registration via poloverse, that would be soo cool.

In my opinion, the two biggest cool things about PV:

  • great for storing long-term info, which doesn’t get burried by the endless scroll. This gets more value slowly over time… So we keep posting things we find interesting in well written and thought off posts and eventually when someone needs it you link it to them. Maybe months down the road someone posts an answer, and that’s okay, because this ain’t no fast paced attention grabbing shitty social network;
  • could easily be the central list for the tournaments, and this is kinda easier to achieve, since there are less event organizers to convince than players;
  • and it supports markdown holy shit how I love this.

So I say we keep moving the stray info from the internet to here, keep the events up to date and keep telling everybody how awesome it is. Here in Berlin everybody likes the idea of poloverse and created an account, but don’t really use it. I guess this is okay, we don’t need 1000 new posts a day anyway.

What about phasing out the Euro Tournaments facebook group? Who owns that? If for the next season all tournaments are listed here, people will have to look here.

Also, learning how to use poloverse is not super easy. Let people get used slowly.

+1 for registration through poloverse. Where is the source code? I would love to look at it.

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Yup, PV could be a game changer, just need people to use it.

Dunno if they would be down for it - might seem a bit extreme, but worth seeing if the peeps who run polo pages on facebook and insta (memes, rules, calendar) etc… would be down to shut up shop.

I know a lot of them promoted poloverse already, but there is still a fair bit of chat going on there which isn’t making its way over here.

I’m generally not into measures of centralisation etc… but the community seems pretty fractured these days and something needs to change to stop the rot.

I don’t like the idea of shutting down other pages, don’t want it to feel like a forced move here, rather I want people to realise by themselves that this is the chosen land for polo discussions in the interwebs.
but atm we seem to be below a critical mass of active users who produce and engage with the content and admins/moes who help maintain the page. both of which are crucial.
so I’d focus on the question on how to get more people to either start supporting the page or convince meme makers and other producers to also share them here. but more importantly getting people who are willing to spend time in the boring maintany parts needed. (I am currently not in a good position to invest heaps of time, unfortunately, so I too have become someone who shouts were we should be heading rather than someone helping to push the cart, I’m afraid.)

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Yeah, I think that is the more considered and sensible approach.

I guess a big thing is that the times being as they are with the pandemic, not many people have much energy or imagination extending beyond pickup sessions (or lack of…)

Hopefully tournaments can soon become more frequent and regular again which will help people to be more invested in the community as a whole. In that regard, Bernie’s suggestion about having tournament registration integrated in the site could help it reach the critical mass needed in the near future.

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hehe i guess “shutting down” the other pages is a bit too strong of a word choice. Who owns those pages? Do they know PV exists? What do they think of PV? How many event organizers are at PV? I see absolutely no problem to have a tournament listed on FB, but instead of having a link to a FB event it could have a link to a PV event…

I also think we have to patient and wait for it a little bit.

Also, WHERE ARE THE MEMES? This is a very important factor.

I mean, imho second hand market and tourney page are by far the most important pages and they could easily be replaced by equally shitty poloverse versions. any improvements (like registration to tourneys through this forum) i’m convinced, will only happen once a lot of people are already using the verse and there is a certain pressure. same for admin- and mod forces.
@davidv has admin rights to both of the fb pages, but the only thing I could think of him doing rn is just helping provide the content here as well - anything just looks so much more trustworthy with his name on it…
@emilio I don’t know shit about shit but look here maybe? GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

but what can we do right now? What do you think about a campaign - as in a shared effort to try and get people to switch over and make them more engaged?

rn just need to add relevant content.

im not a meme fan and would love to dig more into rules discussions. there is an interesting cross post from me and gavin about merging rulesets and illustrating rules with videos for better understanding/reffing of some sketchy situations.

i planned doing this a long time ago for my youtube channel but im hapy to build it on the poloverse instead and hopefully it will attract people


YESS une CAMPAIGN ! i’m totally on that missta @flat_humour <3 :raised_hands:t4:

I don’t know if this will help, but i’ll speak here about how we do organise POLO stuff in digital space with Bordeaux bike polo, this happens mainly through FACEBOOK.
We do use INSTAGRAM for posting pics and events publicity, but very randomly.

If i compile aaaaaaalllll we do on FB, that’s quite a lot :

  • 1 page Bordeaux Bike Polo (general infos blabla about tournaments, public initiations in the city, relaying tournaments events we organise). Posting on this page is under the name of BORDEAUX BIKE POLO, meaning we are a few from the club having this admin status.
  • 1 private group called “BBP adhérents” (means only active members of the club are on it) where we talk about our club organisation / decisions / polls for BBP meetings / private infos…) This group is not visible if you’re not a member and we post on it from our singular profile.
  • 1 public group only for TRAININGS SESSIONS where we have one POLL each week, with our 3 days of training. This group is totally free and visible
  • 1 collective messenger tchat for random blabla, cool meme gif, planning bbq, deciding last minute if we play or not, bull+serious shits + :woozy_face: :biking_woman:t4: :peach: :pizza:

So in terms of use, there are already a lot of differents ways, thanks to FB HELLPARADIZE, complexifiying SOCIAL ROLES and appearances practices (meta revolution shit).
so it feels it’s not that easy to shift social networks habits and shortcuts.

I see that @Bernard already created several topics for Bordeaux Bike Polo
==> bomba :call_me_hand:t4: MERCI gadjo :100:

Considering the way we use social networks in BBP, one first step could be stop using our private group BBP MEMBERS, and only use it here as a first engaged activity.

question : on Poloverse, is this space can stay “confidential” ? meaning, if you’re not a BBP active member, u have no access to our topic.

Anyhow, this can be possible only if we really take care that our 29 currents members on FB jump here too, so we don’t loose people on the way. I really think people are happy to leave FB theoritically, but change the USE is THE challenge.
So i guess, we have to post our stuff here, and for few weeks / month, post on the FB group a message saying CHECK THIS POST ON POLOVERSE.
Litteral Pedagogy kinda style.

About messenger tchat kinda thing, i feel Poloverse looks way much more like a forum or email kinda graphik design.
Is there a desire of creating a sort of POLOVERSENGER ? or is this not the point at all ?

About BORDEAUX BIKE POLO PAGE, for now I think it’s totally OKAY to use POLOVERSE space, without closing our BBP fb page, but leaving a post with link saying FOLLOW US ON POLOVERSE :crazy_face:

Also, this is really personnal, i guess a lot of people doesn’t care, but i would love to have more customized graphic design options for a club page on poloverse.
For example, it would be really cool that we can set up a background image, replacing the purple automatic poloverse cosmos or choose other funky fonts. I like it hu !!
But i feel each club page could have the possibilities to have a more singular esthetic.

About our trainings session, i feel it’s not that easy to stop using our fb public group, because it’s an evidence that it is the digital space where we can catch most of the newbiz or random curious visitors.
We have a certain pourcentage of new players that are still on the edge, like they see the potential addiction polo droga, but did’nt get a full shout yet :alien:
This is really the trouble i see with POLOVERSE, it looks very confidential and exclusive digital space for “non-yet polo people” compared to the facebookverse.

@flat_humour when u say “I mean, imho second hand market and tourney page are by far the most important pages and they could easily be replaced by equally shitty poloverse versions.”
===> i AGREE.

@emilio “Also, WHERE ARE THE MEMES ? This is a very important factor.”

@flat_humour " I don’t know shit about shit but look here maybe? GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple."
====> what do u meeeeean ? this is total crypto 4 me :grimacing:

i think this campaign can appear on all big FB pages like BIKE POLO FRANCE as a first official push, but i feel local use through every club is the way. It has to be GLOCAL (LOL but i mean it)
i stop here
magad i speak tout mutch
anne lise


Check my faq post for infos on how to use it. All the details are maybe better to be discussed in another topic :slight_smile: i think its best to have a messenger group on another app, at zbp they use threema for example…
Its probably smart to keep a public page on facebook or wherever for potential newbies with the contact info, training hours and such. Of course you can have a private subcategory here if you wish.


sooo ive got the coroni an would be happy to have a screen beer and chat with people if anybody is motivated in the next days and maybe we’ll chat about PV too?
give me companyyy…!!

hayo party people - it’s been a while

so, us berlin peeps want to try a thing to promote our beloved poloverse: there is a facebook event for the upcoming mixed22, but we won’t allow any comments there but rather have all the discussion happen on here (using the tag berlinmixed22:

let’s see how it goes


Berlin Mixed has all the power to try out this stuff

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So, can I have any stats on when people joined the site? I would like to analyze the impact of mixed in poloverse :stuck_out_tongue:

on the users list if you hover over a user it shows when…thats all I know to do :slight_smile: