Open call: International “Velo” Poster Art Festival

Hello there, I’m sharing this artistic open call if anyone wants to submit some artwork/poster and participate in this nice event organized by some friends from Rome.

Urbikerz Paste-Up Fest vol 1
International “Velo” Poster Art Festival
Roma, March-June 2023


Any Size: from a4 sheet to XXL billboard, anything goes as long as it’s paper to paste-up!

Any Medium, any support, any technique, any style: from hand-painted tissue paper in a single copy to posters printed in series with the plotter, from drawing to illustration, passing through photography, everyone is welcome!

Just One Subject: two wheels, bicycles, cyclists, cycling, etc. in every possible declination and suggestion

Open Call:

  • No barriers to entry for the first international poster festival entirely dedicated to two wheels;

  • anyone can send one or more posters to participate in the three stages during the Roman Spring 2023;

-the three “secret spots” and their dates will be revealed in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Send your “bike” posters to:

urbikerz c/o Punto Scuola, Viale dei Promontori 68, 00122 Ostia Lido (Roma)

dead line: 10th march 2023 (1st stage)

more info:

IG e FB: @artisticalmass @urbikerz

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