Paris Polo sounds grim

They no longer have any court what so ever. I haven’t heard of anyone over there making an effort to solve this problem.
When is the last time they hosted a tournament? Opel?

There are some movers and shakers there but sounds like the city are a bit of a nightmare to deal with.

Pity cos it looked like they were getting a fair few new players before they lost their court and even if no one is playing it is probably still the biggest concentration of polo talent in the world.

Hopefully they can sort something out soon, would love to play a tournament there.

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I think covid is to blame. The whole club is foot-down for the time being.

Bbp wants to invite all of Paris to come down to bordeaux for a polo weekend of pick-ups.


Good news! I hear rumors of a new court for paris!

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they def back at it thanks to Jfran :muscle::handshake:

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