Pedal strikes

I see that players with problems with pedal strikes tend to think about crank length in the first place. Sometimes, it is a really good direction, but actually, many dimensions come into play. Replacing your cranks with shorter but “wider” (bigger crank offset/q factor) once can have the opposite effect than you expected. That also means you can stick to your current crank length but find cranks with smaller offset and avoid pedal strikes.

I created a simple calculator that could help some check if the replacement they want makes sense. I spent 15 minutes on this, so please be understanding :wink:

If you have any questions, feedback or ideas to make it better, please let me know :slight_smile:

Calculator: Bike polo tech


Aside from mechanical changes it might also help leaning your body more off the center as demonstrated in the left picture:

Whats a crank with narrow q-factor that people can recommend?

Rotor aldhu are pretty solid and not ultra expensive.


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I’m not 100% sure someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but generally speaking roadbikes crankset are narrower compared to mtb one cause of chainstays.


yea hence rotor or middleburn

im a big fan of raceface and just went from 175 turbine to a 165 atlas , the atlas q factor is even wider but i find only pros so far :
better heel clearance especially to do raclettes
stable af coming out of a very harsh front pivot

my stolen bb is pretty low ( like most stolen ) , i didnt have any toe overlap even with 175, and no pedal strike BUT in courts that are not perfectly flat like berlin i did PS.

these raceface can be disassembled with just a 8mm allen key. the spindle is detachable and can be found in 2 interesting sizes for polo : the bmx length (110) and (135) i think they refer to the rear soacing they accomodate .

other brands do the same spindles in many length.

the chainring is cinch , one lockring ( you need a bottom bracket tool for that )and can be done on the floor ( no vice needed ) but i dont have any more issues with loose bolts like i used to with shimano zee’s .

also a large choice of chainrings are available from 28 teeth to 36 and above. steel chainrings are also available so i bought one cuz im always worried to get a mallet hit in that area. clement from mohawk had a cracked alu chainring at euros actually

im also running flats

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wow thanks for the tool, I love it!