Ping Pong

hey max, we can talk about ping pong here

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lets get good bats

cool idea


just fucking enjoy it!

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Any good players around here? Looking for some serious ping pong competition in Berlin area. The guys i usually play with just get extremely wasted and steal each others weed haha


What’s ping pong

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I will bring my bat to Berlin for the tournament


@momo: Please ban @rymo

on what grounds? being to good at Pingpong or shittalking about his friends? (both are valid reasons to get banned, of course, as you can read in the ToS here:

I think it’s a troll

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Poloverse be like:

Leon be like:

is that what you call a warm welcome, Leon?!

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I guess I have to bring my dragon racket to Berlin and shine my star with this sport.

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:joy::sparkling_heart: Dont you have to add a statement to requests like this?

I was banned after my first post. So I’ll pass the warm welcome on


Yo what should i do if a cool player stops polo over pingpong?

…i mean what kind of paddle should i buy if I ever want to beat him?

london pick up courts in newington : two multi courts back to back equiped with nets and 3 concrete ping pong tables. bring your gears if you ever come around.

not any good , but im in for a couple games of pp

ye, we have to bring it back

I am the finest table tennis player I know. I cannot be beaten…