Polo Lausanne Sport PLS

It is never too late to create new polo clubs! We give it a try in Lausanne, starting in December 2022. Come and visit us!


First event on December 11:
Sunday - Funday
We try to bring together some Lausanne newbies and some polo players from other cities, and just play some polo on our super court in Lausanne. Depending of how many we are we might do a little tournie, do a big bench or just play some shuffles. (You might consider it as a replacement for swiss champs)
We still have to make sure that the court is reserved for us on that day, but save the date and be part of one of the first polo games in Lausanne since a waaay too long time <3


Court is confirmed, the event takes place!

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Super nice. If the court is not going to be snowy / icy, I’ll be there!