We are very much looking forward to welcome you to POLOCAMP WÖRDERN 2024 //
Friday 23./ Saturday 24./ Sunday 25.08.24!

48 total spots for Poloplayers!
20 spots will be reserved for ORGA/COACHES/BPV players.
28 spots will be OPEN TO ALL to register

if more than 28 ppl register between 1.-30.6.24, there will be a lottery where FLINTA* players have 2 lives. If you sign in for REF-Coach*, you have 2 lives as well. If the spots aren´t filled until 30.6. its “first come first serve”.

START Registration: 01.06.24 (there will be posted a google formular for the registration!)
END Registration: 30.6.24

friends&family, who don´t play polo, are welcome too, please let us know in the registration form how many, so we can count them in for food&drinks!

For Poloplayers: € 40, -/person (incl. court-fee/workshops/food/camping)
For family&friends: free donation

St.Andrä-WÖRDERN – Hockey Court
Adress: Red Dragons Lair, Feldgasse 10, 3422 Altenberg
Trainstation: Greifenstein-Altenberg (S40)

The camp is 3 full days and the Polocamp-Setup will be officially provided from Friday morning until Sunday evening (but it is possible to arrive Thursday night and leave Monday morning)

START : FRIDAY 10:00 (it is possible to arrive Thursday from 18:00 - you can camp but not use the court)
END : SUNDAY 18:00 (it is possible to depart Monday morning until 11:00 - you can camp but not use the court)

P O L O :
This is a POLOCAMP and NOT a Tournament!
It is supposed to be a space for learning & teaching!
We can officially use the court (incl. lights) until 22.00!

The Plan is to shuffle 4 Pickup-Groups each day. Each group has 12 ppl and a timeslot for 2 hours. Ideally each person will play 4 games for sure per day (self-organized Pickups can be played any time between sunrise and 22:00, when court is free)

IDEA 1: Reffing-Workshop
On DAY1 each group will be reffed by a (different) *REF-COACH, if you like to learn reffing you can sign in for a Reffing Workshop with this person.
On DAY2/3 you can ref the Pickup-Groups on your own and practice/learn reffing
Please let us know, if you want to be REF-COACH in the registration form (time requirement: 1x 2 hours)

IDEA 2: Workshops (f.e. Scooping, Raclette, Court strategy & Defense) inbetween the Pickup-Groups. The workshops either take place on-court or off-court on the asphalt behind. We`ll keep you posted, who will give the workshops! :)

Inbetween the Pickup-Groups will be timeslots for FLINTA*Polo / under18Polo (Kids&Teens) & Try-Out Polo, to provide the possibility to play in a safer space.

Besides that, we want to give space for all ideas and create an amazing weekend together with fun and Polove!! If you want to offer Workshops off-court please feel free to suggest in the REGISTRATION FORM! (f.e. Yoga/ Mallet-Building/ etc.)

There will be bike tools provided by our favorite FLINTA* Bikeshop https://www.velopeaches.com/ & you can approach them, if you need help with repairs!

We will provide vegan food (breakfast/ lunch/ dinner) for the whole camp (Friday-Sunday), the food will be included in the registration fee (court/food/facilities)!
Bringing your own food: pls consider our space in the fridges is limited!
Cooking : we will cook on a big gas stove and also BBQ is possible. There will be a schedule for cooking-tasks, help is very much appreciated!
Cleaning : There will be a schedule for cleaning-tasks during the camp. Help for cleaning is very much appreciated!
Beer&Drinks: we are organizing bottled beer & Limo – costs: € 2,50

Tent: we can camp next to the court on a grass area which is also a playground, it`s important we build the tents on the edge and back of the area and close to each other, so the locals can use it! Pls keep that in mind!
Car: there is a small parking lot or space along the street, where you can park Cars/Camping-Buses, NO Parking/Campers on the grass allowed!
Toilets and hot showers are provided!

HOUSING BEFORE AND AFTER THE CAMP in Vienna : Please send an email to bikepolo.vie@gmail.com with the exact dates when you need housing in Vienna, and we´ll try to find a place to stay!

Vienna – it’s a 25min. Trainride to Vienna “St. Andrä-Wördern - Heiligenstadt”
Playground next to the Court for Kids
Swimming in the Danube – 5 min. Bikeride

telegram group chat: Telegram: Contact @BikePoloEU
Direct questions to this email address: bikepolo.vie@gmail.com or PM (signal/telegram) to Astrid aka. patchesz

Lots of Polove, Astrid,Raphi,Äri,Maus,Frie&Conny
Bikepolo Vienna