PoloZoo Pt. 3 (October 26th - 27th 2K24)

Hello animals, the new edition of the tournament is starting to take shape:

Registration opens on Monday June 3 at 12 p.m. sharp, first come first served with a small subtlety: we want to have a wide diversity of cities registered in the tournament so initially there will only be one slot available per city ( no TBA).

The link to register will be available at 11 a.m. on Telegram and Poloverse.
Only registrations made after 12 p.m. will be taken into account.

In the event that slots are still to be filled two weeks after the opening of registrations, the available slots will go to the cities registered on the waiting list without any distinction and in the order of registration (still no TBA), with the limit two teams maximum per city.
If a week after this new opening there are still slots available, we will allow a city to hire a third team (without TBA again and again).

Since there are four players from the same city, the formation of your team is at your discretion.

There will be 18 places (2 slots for Perpignan Bike Polo), for a total of 20 teams, with an opening of 24 in the event of mass registrations.

As with previous editions, we will try to accommodate everyone with the members of PERPIGNAN BIKE POLO. In the event that space runs out, we will give priority to participants who come from far away.

See you soon !


Hello animals, are you ready ?

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Seems like it doesn’t work… no confirmation page shows up.
(Or maybe it’s normal ?)


PERPIGNAN 1 : Koko (C) x Tristan x diMeh x Riton
PERPIGNAN 2 : Baptiste (C) x JB x Etienne x Ben
NANTES : :trophy: Fred (C) x Couche x Antoine x Martin
LYON : Momo (C) x Bouchard x Fonzi x Vinz
TOULOUSE : Rem’s (C) x Silvio x Parcim x Gildas
GENÈVE : Quentin (C) x Clément x Jojo x Woody
PARIS : Justine (C) x Jfran x Thomas x Martin
ANNECY : Piernok (C) x Gas x Rémi x Vincent
CAEN : Nico (C) x Nans x Hugo x Ben
PAMPLONA : Irene (C) x Jonfer x Luk x Victor
MONTPELLIER : Thomas (C) x Daf x Aymeric x Maxence
BRUXELLES : Brice (C) x Bulle x Baptiste x Vincent
MILANO : Tommy (C) x Pyetro x Top x Gallo
ROMA : Korbe (C) x Kekio x Kappa x Ktosy
ZARAGOZA : Johnny (C) x Jose x Pedro x Maria
MAGDEBURG: Ben (C) x Schmö x Matze x ToBiAs
BARCELONA : Xavi (C) x Diego x Joan x Berni
LAUSANNE : Théo (C) x Martin x Maeva x Ella
VALENCIA : Wil (C) x Ruben x Agus x Quimi
ROUEN : Crapuline (C) x Dona x Cam x Anaïs

Waiting list :

OLOT : Uri (C) x Gal x Marc x Joan
BORDEAUX : Benoit (C) x Bernie x Gaspard x Anne Lise
VENEZIA : Paolo (C) x Francesco x Alex x Davide
BREST : Flo (C) x Margot x Benoit x Laurent
LYON 2 : Reno (C) x Raxo x Dani x Alban
TOULOUSE 2 : Alexis (C) x Léa x Ben x Bastien
MONTPELLIER 2 : Ju (C) x Jason x Alice x Vicky
BARCELONA 2 : Alé (C) x Dani x Romi x Luc
PARIS 2 : Air Thouin (C) x Caro x Mathias x Antoine
MONTPELLIER 3 : Raph (C) x Cal x Loïc x Laurent


this format is just great, I love it!


heey - just filled out the form and as mention before I didn’t get a confirmation, did it a 2nd time so sorry for the spam. could you confirm if you got the registration from my team? team from Valencia.


Hi everyone,

registration is over, back soon for more informations !