Qualifier for EUROS


The Euros will be one week after the Mixed!

Who is interested - I want to find out if we need qualification games or not?

Would be helpful if someone with more knowledge could post how many slots austria will have!


They said they will announce it soonish :wink:

More infos here: https://poloverse.net/t/announcement-european-championships-2023-in-berlin/1812

I messaged with Django and according to the last info he gave me, we will probably have 1 regular slot and 1 wildcard slot.

So if more than one team wants to go we will need to play qualification games.

I suggest interested people post their team names here.

TBA - Conny, Christopher, Georg, Django

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Now confirmed: 1 regular Slot / 1 Wildcard Slot

Deadline for registration: 11.6
Qualifier if needed: 24/25.6

I think we should get this done in June because in July there are a lot of tournaments and finding a date for qualifiers will be much harder.

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i would be actually up for playing too, but i’m not teamed up.

Georg you posted that in the privat vienna grp. So the other austrians actually do not know about the deadline today

if i goto-> Poloverse (HOME) → Clubs (BPV): the list of threads which appear includes this one. on the other hand i can’t see this thread in the list of threads which appear if i go to (BPV (private).

i am confused. if this is in the wrong place maybe a mod can move it (who is the mod for our private group?)

topic is in the open group! i just posted it in again in the bikepolo Austria signal group.

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@Georg @pow
If you havn´t done yet, make sure to register your teams by June 30th:

Hi, Free agent from spain.