Quing of the North-VII

Name: Quing of the North

Date: 21 and 22 October 2022 10pm-10 pm 24h Madness

Location: Bickbargen 80, Halstenbek Hamburg

Format: 24h Single Player Shuffle 42 Players max. Start on Friday 10 pm.

To make sure everyone plays enough polo and will still be able to drink a reasonable amount of beer, this will be held as a single player tournament. You register with us friday, prepare yourself for 24 hours non stop hustle and in the end there will be two semi-finals with the twelve best players. The two winning teams will be shuffled again for the final. The winning team’s player with the most points wins the crown. In case you still didn’t get enough, you are more than welcome to stay and play more pick ups on sunday.

You can camp at the court and shower in the club’s facilities. We provide a grill, breakfast in the mornings and maybe something warm during the night. We will have beers, seccos and other hot and cold drinks in our container kiosk, better known as Kiosque Royaal.

15€ per person, payable via PayPal or cash at court.

Registration starts on 1.9. via mail at bikepolo.hamburg@gmail.com. If there are more than 42 players, there will be a lottery on 11.9.

We can‘t wait to see you soon again.

Peace&Love HHBP

PS: Please note that playing 24h non-stop will affect your physical and mental abilities as well as your reaction capabilities (in a negative way). We kindly ask you to wear a face cage on court.


Ok Registration starts in 5 hours. Let’s go

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List of registered Players (please note, that there will be a final lottery if there are more than 42 registrations). Please drop me a message if I have forgotten to list your name. Otherwise register via email:

schönhardt von bickbargen (hh)
shazy prime (hh)
t1lausend (hh)
80% andy
markus gandalf (hh)
stollrich (hh)
aaljuppa (hh)

all set
billy (bxl)
emilio (bln)
kim vd (bln)
lisa (bln)
momo (bln)
liza (bln)
max n. (bln)
frax (ldn)
rita (bln)
mariagiovanna (bln)
flo (alle halle)
kevin k. (bln)
kim (bln)
tony makarony (bln)
johannes (bln)
clem (bxl)
gitti (bln)
frix (han)
lisa s (bln)
jess (ldn)
lex (ldn)
julia (bln)
pth pth (bxl)
tony (ldn)
kevin :rose: (bie)
nico (bln)
andreas (büp)
logan (cph)
laura (ldn)
tijs (bxl)
hagen (cgn)
saul (ldn)
leon (bln)
alex ritze (bln)
aislan (utrecht)
brúno (cph)
boti (cph)
damien (bxl)
eliška (pra)
keksmann (int)
julien (cgn)
david (cph)
vangelis (ldn)
chan (man)
matt (ldn)
george (ldn)
ole (büp)
jonathan (lpz)
raimo (bln)
julius (hal)
alican (bln)
tom hocke (han)
lukas (bln)
christoph d (hal)

going to lottery



Due to people wanting to book flights and trains for cheap in advance and not only three weeks before we decided to shorten the registration process time. We already have a number that will open a waiting list so we can do the draw earlier than first hand proposed.

You will have five more days to register.

New date for the final closing of registration will be: 10/09/22 23:59
Lottery will happen on Sunday during training or before. Have a look here, we will announce the list and waiting list between Sunday 7pm and Monday morning hehehe. :heart:

Players list:

  1. Präso3000
    Shazy Prime
    Schönhardt von Bickbargen
    80% Andy
  2. Markus Gandalf
    Bambule Nic (bln)
    Emilio (bln)
  3. Laura (ldn)
    Lisa S. (bln)
    Andreas (büp)
    Billy (bxl)
    David (cph)
  4. Hagen (bln)
    Robin (hal)
    Tijs (bxl)
    Max Newstead (bln)
    Tony (ldn)
  5. Liza (bln)
    Julia (bln)
    Lex (ldn)
    Brúno (cph)
    Lukas (bln)
  6. Matt (ldn)
    Pth pth (bxl)
    Gitti (bln)
    Julius (hal)
    Damien (bxl)
  7. Vango (ldn)
    Logan (cph)
    Frax (ldn)
    Ole (büp)
    George (ldn)
  8. Jess (ldn)
    Clement (bxl)
    Levin (hal)
    Kim (bln)
    Frix (han)
  9. Christoph Demerath (hal)
    Kim v D (bln)
    Johannes (bln)

Waiting list:

 Momo (bln)
 Julien (cgn)
 Eliška (pra)
 Alex Ritze (bln)
 Saul (ldn)
 Flo (hal)
 Aislan (ut)
 Leon (bln)
 Rita (bln)
 Kevin K (bln)
 Lisa T. (bln)
 Alican (bln)
 Kevin Rose 🌹 (bie)
 Jonathan (lpz)
 Tom Hocke (han)
 Raimo (bln)
 Boti (cph)
 Tony Makkerony (bln)
 Sepp (int)
 Mari (cph)

Please let us know asap if you cannot make it so ppl from waiting list have a chance.
All player who have made it into the tournament will be receiving a conformation via email in the upcoming week.

Thank you!


  1. keksmann out, Johannes bln in
  2. chan out, tony ldn in
  3. mariagiovanna out, brúno in

waaaaait a second…

what do these numbers mean?

anywayzz very happy to see my name there :kissing_cat:

Systems a bit ducked but I refrain from using mY old laptop. You’re in, that matters hahaha :joy_cat::heart:

Anyone want to share with me a camper ?? I want to rent for the tournament