Rest in Peace, our friend, Théo Jeanneau

Many of you may already know the tragic news. The worldwide bikepolo community recently lost one if it’s members. Theo was from Nantes, was a leader in French bikepolo. I met Theo 10 years ago, and immediately recognized him as a generous and passionate player. Rough, rough, and hard to bluff, an active member of our family, doing everything in his power to promote this sport, and be the best player he could be.

I’ve created this thread so that we might exchange fond memoires of this man that I admire so much.

I remember seeing him at a tournament after he had spent several weeks in Italy. I was amazed to witness his speaking excellent italian with some players from Milan. I was so impressed by this. The man was so driven. He had all the tools he needed to realize any dreams he had.

Many times I witnessed him crash into the back wall at 20kmh to score a winning goal, or shut down a counter-attack. He was one if those players who was willing to do anything for his team.


Thanks for creating this thread.

There are many things to remember Theo by. His speed, his crashes, his partying, his big smile but I will remember him for his openness and kindness. No matter if you´ve been playing polo for a decade, a year or a week and no matter your skill, Theo made an effort to not exclude and get along with everyone.

===----------------[] :black_heart:


we are doing some sort of ceremony in berlin, right? @momo @emilio ?


yes, we surely will!

not sure yet what, when and how - if someone wants to take responsibility for this, that would be much appreciated!

the Monday after the mixed and before the euros is kinda free, there will be some workshops (reffing Q&A and awareness talks) happening, and we’ll be doing some repairs etc to be ready for the euros
but there is surely enough time to have a big gathering, crit mass or what ever else we come up with