Rising Stars @ VELOBerlin

Berlin Bike Polo is proud to present …

:star: :star2: :star: :star2: :star: :star2: :star: :star2: :star:

:star_struck: RISING STARS :star_struck:

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What do you need to know:

  • 3v3 Tournament, hosted by the VELOBerlin. Lots of people looking and lots of cool stuff to look at;
  • at least 1 rookie per team (someone who started playing after January 2022, more or less);
  • 10 spots, registration until 25th of March and lottery on the 26th of March;
    – teams with at least two WTNB players get an extra lottery life;
    – teams with 3 Berlin players get an extra lottery life;
    – if you need to change players after the lottery, you need to do so as not to change the lottery lifes you used;
  • FREE registration, tickets to the fair included;
  • games are from 11:00 to 17:30, in the Astrobench back to back system;
  • rookie goals are worth double;
  • all the infos and contact will be done by Poloverse!

Register filling in the form below:

Good luck :wink:



Ohh such a cool idea… :heart_eyes: unfortunately i can’t come!!

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amazing! i see if i can find a team. the “one rookie per team” part is such a good idea

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so excited and registered already! :cowboy_hat_face:
and I’ve added the event to the 2023 calendar. :slight_smile:


Jasper (Berlin) and me(Berlin), we are looking for a rookie team mate. Anybody interested? :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, rookie from Brussels, one year polo and 5 tournaments. Will ne happy to play with you


If we play as an all rookie team, do all our goals count double?


I don’t think so…

free agent from Dresden (not a rookie, not the best player either :D)

Hello!! Free agent here, anyone want to play with :slightly_smiling_face:

heys!! Im down, but not a rookie either…have you got your team?

Hey, have you got your team already?

current teams registered:

we still have a lottery if more teams register, don’t forget


I’m very interested ! I’m not a Rookie but i’m not that good :slight_smile:
I got a team. See you there !

last day to register!

can’t you find a rookie? start asking people on the streets: eberybody is a potential rookie!

and join me tomorrow for the lottery :slight_smile:


Free agent, if anyone needs a sub
Edit: found a team :raised_hands:

:sun_with_face: Yoooooooo ready for the lottery?

:clock12: Meet me at noon in this chatroom if you want to watch and verify I’m not cheating :wink:

:four_leaf_clover: good luck! results will be posted briefly briefly briefly here

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:rocket: :star2: OFFICIAL TEAM LIST:

  • Lovebeards

  • Team Zaubermaus Wellow Performer

  • Moisty Pants

  • The Critters

  • Dynamique Bizarre

  • Katze-Kuh

  • Maiglökchen

  • Enorm in Form

  • Ematoma Black Flag

  • Chill Police

:crying_cat_face: WAITING LIST:

  1. Obviously Not
  2. Baltic Surfers
  3. Courier Can’t Play
  4. Rising TBA
  5. Marco YOLO

Thanks @Benwa for tuning up and checking the lottery!
See you all soon!
If you know you cannot make it, pleeeease let me know, so I can already start calling the teams in the waiting list :wink:



I was the only witness during the lottery. His team was selected, mine as well. So i can assure you he did not cheat :rofl:


Too bad we didn’t make it :frowning: Maybe consider extending the main list beyond 10 teams? :wink: :hugs: :star_struck: