Selecting arbitrary number interval in the poll

I was trying to create a poll where you could select a year. Closest I got was this numeric interval thing, which is somehow limited to 20 numbers.

Ideally, can we have a dropdown menu to choose options instead of radio buttons?
If not, could we increase the limit from 20 to something ridiculous?

Screenshot from 2021-10-26 09-42-53

I would also be interested in having access to the source and trying it myself, oh dear devs.

No idea. Look around and see if there is a plug in. Regarding the source, I don’t believe that we have our own branch, so you can get the discourse code from their git repo. If there’s some cool change that you want to make that isn’t a plugin, then we can make our own fork. Is this right @Pyetro ?

Hi there!
I was able to cloning the original repo of the theme and create our own fork. If this plugin lives on GitHub too, I guess that it would be possible to apply changes like swapping radio with a select menu. Not sure about which language the plugin is written! On the theme fork i mostly used simple CSS and edited some Json and Yaml file.

@emilio let me know if you try and need help/advice

I checked on the original repo, and found something on this settings file. I am not sure when I’ll have time to try it out, so if anyone tries to change it first…

highly unlikely :sweat_smile: but thanks for any initiative