"skills based" tournaments

i want everyone , especially womens , feelings about skilled based tournaments which is the following:

  1. ask a friend to record your STATS at pick up.
    you want to record a decent amount of games ( to be defined , 10 ? 20 ? 30 ? )
    a stats sheet can be formed for this , its like recording goals / assisst/ balls blocked/ steals but also bad things you do dab/fouls/ loosing ball possession

  2. study your ratios: on january you doing 5 dabs per game , scoring less than 1 goal per game / loosing all your possessions > set up some improvement for february !

  3. bike building is a skill : show off your gears , your mallet , your perfectly trued wheels , send these pics to your future team mate.

  4. get drafted for the big event : propose your datas to other players , possibly record yourself playing ( your best game of course) and send it. capitaines thz’ have to draft the best team over a drafting night ( excitment)

imo this long but worthy procedure will erase the ongoing frustration of "this supid guy got drafted over me just because he is [add unfair privilege] "

first it will be obvious when it happen

second if your stats are up the roof no team will pass on you , whoever you are.

hope it reachs everyone well

You put bike building skills on the list, but there is not a single word about team skills, communication and/or team spirit?
Edit: why so?

its hard to take a picture of “team spirit” , its also hard to think of a stats that translate to “good team skills” although its something you will read thru the assists/ passing stats and goal conceded , maybe ?

any stats factor is welcome , im just laying some exemples

edit: its hard to create a stat that shows a player “intelligence” ( not actual intelligence but game wise for exemple , how quick your are able to take a decision, and how relevant it is) but its possible to create a network of statistics that ultimately shows that