tags in direct messages

when I try to add a tag to a private message I get this error message: “There was an error tagging the topic.”

Never tried this before, but I don’t get why would you need to tag a Pvt message :thinking:

yeah, I did it as a joke and it did not work - but then I came up with a reason for why it might be a good idea:
you can use the site wide search function also for direct messages - and they might even show up in the tag list once you are logged in - so I could ask you: wanna play this and that tourney together - add the tag, and then easily find the message again

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I see Markus, it would be a useful feature…

I’m digging into Meta (not the Zuckerberg shit, but the official Discourse support forum…) and I found that they implemented this in 2.0: Allow staff to tag PMs.

Still trying to understand how to enable it…

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Found, and enabled!
But it works just for staff members…

Screenshot 2022-03-14 at 13.32.45

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ok, weird that only the staff can use this feature - but thanks for digging and enabling!

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