The backup project (League of Bike polo and other memorable webpages)


The recent discussion about holes dimension make me dig a bit on facebook and some argument pointed to, now dead url, of League of Bikepolo.
Fortunatly there’s a way to have access to “archive” of some url using the “internet waybakmachine” from

My proposal here is to grow a collection of valuable discussion of dead or past version of website.
And because i don’t know long the webarchive project will last i propose also to convert webpage into pdf.
If you have Adobe Acrobat is fairly easy:


You can send me link if you don’t have Adobe Acrobat or an app to do that.

I dont know yet how to organize it but i’ll start simply by this format:

  1. Title + Subject
  2. Link to Webarchive
  3. Link to PDF

League of Bike Polo

  1. " My hole is too big" (2015) - Discussion about hole diameter on mallet head

  2. My hole is too big | League of Bike Polo

  3. My hole is too big_League of Bike Polo.pdf (1.4 MB)

  4. "Attaching the mallet head to the pole (2010)" - It’s in the title


  6. attaching the mallet head to the pole The League of Bike Polo.pdf (842.0 KB)

MILK bike polo

  1. Genesis of MILK (2012) - (a post in which the “attaching mallet head” topic is linked)
  3. MILK_genesis.pdf (274.4 KB)

Hey there! I am working on bringing back some of the League of Bike Polo information to a new wiki based format. If you’re interested in helping out let me know


That’s a cool project. I am happy to host this on the poloverse server if that is something you need.

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