Toe overlap on Enforcer 28"?

Hi! I’m thinking about getting a 28" Enforcer BD and I’m a little concerned about the toe overlap. If anyone has experience or insight, please share :blush:
Thank you!


I don’t have the BD, but the 13. Seeing that the geometry is essentially the same, I can tell you that the toe overlap will be substantial (unless I’m missing something here?).

I even made a post about it here back then when I faced the issue: Foot hitting wheel when turning - shorter cranks

The bottom line of the answers I got back then is:

  • just get used to it bro.

If you are like me and toe overlap is a deal breaker for you, then my advice is not to go for it and opt for the 26" version instead. With my personal solution of shorter cranks and smaller wheels, i got rid of the toe overlap entirely but at the price of having lower BB. Probably better to go for a smaller wheel size frame from the get-go, imo.

hope this helps

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