Torino Open Tournament 2024

Yes, you read it right: T O R I N O ! !

Milano Bike Polo is happy to announce a new chapter of the Torinese bike polo scene: Torino Open Tournament 2024 which will take place on June 2024, in collaboration with what is left of our beloved Torino Bike Polo 🥲

  • 22/23 June 2024;
  • classic 3v3;
  • 12–16 teams;
  • Swiss Round or Round Robin (depending on how many teams register) on Saturday
  • Double Elimination on Sunday
  • regular 20x40m court @ Parco Ruffini
  • registrations opens on 04/04;
  • registration closes on 05/05;
  • (prolly) street food trucks around the court,
  • registration fee TBC.

The tournament is organised in collaboration with Comune di Torino and “GoodBike”—a travelling event that promote cycling in all of his shapes, in every Italian city where Tour de France will pass by in 2024—which will take place during the tournament days in the Torino city centre.

More info will come very soon, in the meanwhile, registrations are open!! :writing_hand:t3:

Accommodation options

Since none of us actually lives in Torino, probably players have to find an accommodation on their own. However we are trying to make deals with some camping or hostel. Following the options so far.

  • Bamboo Eco Hostel (:round_pushpin:Map)
    Average price per night: €25~
    Person per room: 6/5/4/2 (max 25pp)
    If you are interested in this solution, please answer this thread, if we collect enough participations I will try to get some discount on the total.

  • Grinto Urban Eco Village (:round_pushpin:Map)
    Tent (around €10/night) or Van (around €25/night) Pitches
    Rate table: listinoGrinto2024.pdf (87.0 KB)
    No reservation required for tent pitches.

Registered teams so far

  1. Fazendeiros: Dani, Vinz (Lyon), Riki (Milano)
  2. Milano Fried Chicken: Gipsi, Gallo, Nanni (Milano) :white_check_mark:
  3. Caígo: Paolo el vecio, Rufus disgraxia, Alex soto sora (Venezia Mestre)
  4. Saudade: Adriano, Marcao, Fedinho (Roma)
  5. Hard Darts: Cecio, Phil, Tosy (Roma)
  6. Scrocchiazeppi: Top, Sonny (Milano), Mazzetta (Conegliano)
  7. High Content Low Quality: Alejandro (Barcellona), Tommy (Milano), Woods (Geneve) :white_check_mark:
  8. TBA: Momo, Bouchard (Lyon), Dodi (Munich)
  9. Tranquillo: Pyetro (Milano), Jason (Montpellier), Dimeh (Perpignan)
  10. Scaendale: Nans, Hugo, Gringo (Caen) :white_check_mark:
  11. Mira vos: Alphonse, Gonzalo, Coralie (Lyon)
  12. Tornio: Pap, Julien (Padova), TBA
  13. Rosebud Collective: Emmet (Bern), Cathal (Montpellier), Lisa (Berlin)
  14. Sorci Verdi: Kappa (Roma), Fabrizio (Catania), Bojo (Milano)
  15. More Passion: Elena (Geneva), Frax (Prague), Mateen (Vienna) :white_check_mark:
  16. Questa non è una porta: Alice, Paolo (Milano), Ronco (Padova)

Waiting list

  • Bocca: Mattia, (Vicenza), Clement (Bern), TBA
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Team list updated in the main thread!

Free agent :kissing_heart:


Accommodation update: together with the main organiser we are working to get a good deal with some hotel/hostel/camping, we’ll keep you posted on this.

If you prefer to book something on your own, I just checked on Airbnb and you can still find good deals (around €20–30 per night) close by the court.

Lastly: registrations close in a week, hurry up!


team list updated!

five days left to fill five spots left!

@Pedo might be interested Clement!

Having reached 16 teams 3 days from the closing of the registrations, all the extra registered teams will go in the waiting list.

Registrations closed, team list confirmed with the first 16 registered teams, really sorry for @MattiaTiger and @LaPassoire :disappointed_relieved: hold on in case some team cancel!

You can start book you trip and accommodation, but remember if you are interested in the Bamboo Eco Hostel I mentioned in the first thread, let me know, I’ll try to get some discount if we’ll be enough.

Team captains will receive an email soon this week with further details.

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Mail sento to team captains! Check your spam folder if you didn’t get it.

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