Torneo del Carbón

El primer torneo del año ya llega!!
Será en el Parque Torreramona como siempre.
Será ABC como siempre.
Será bien punky, como siempre.
Será y punto.
Si no teneis planes ya sabeis. Si los teneis, canceladlos.

VIERNES: Pickups de 16h a 21h

SÁBADO: 9h Comienzo del torneo. Hasta que el cuerpo aguante y luego cena y fieston!

Nos gustaría ofrecer a todos la posibilidad de quedarse en una de nuestras casas, preguntad.


The first Iberia tournament of the year it´s here!
It will be at Parque Torreramona, as always.
It will be ABC format, as always.
It will be punk, as always.
It will be, period.

If you didn´t have plans, now you have and if you had now you don´t.

Friday: Pick ups from 16h to 21h

Saturday: Tournament starts at 9h
Dinner at 21h and then a nice party

12 hours of HCBP! Are you in?

We would like to give everyone the chance to stay at one of our homes during this weekend, Please let us know!

January 12, 2024January 12, 2024
It will be ABC Format as always

Hola! you don’t play on sunday?

Hola! No, it´s one day tournament, on Sunday we will meet to take lunch or to play some pickups depending on what people prefer. Thank you for your interest.