Trainings following Grand Royal XII

For different reasons I believe strongly that an organised training following the GR will serve BBP a lot:

  • durability of the club (growing members)
  • more players gives more regular play in the club
  • renewal of members gives new winds and engagement within the entire club

The initiative of the flyer, with qr leading to an informative website, is really a great project which serves well for this case! Great job! But to really welcome, motivate, support newbe’s to follow through until they really feel part and keep playing (and purchase their own bike f.e.), I believe we can easily add some more effort to get them going.

List of tools:

  • Communication:
    • flyer!
    • website with planned trainings
    • other? Like fb and such…
  • Newbe trainings (Reception)
  • Follow through trainings
  • Club bikes


Once organised: adapting the website, printing the flyer, passing the flyers and making sure they’re available on the GR

Thinking about our other communication channels and how to use them for this goal.

Newbe trainings (Reception)

Let’s fix certain dates following the GR (mainly october?) in which we assure a Newbe training. People get a certain introduction about the club, the functioning, the game… and let’s play. Needed:

  • some people per day responsible
  • enough bikes
  • a proper introduction of how the club functions

Follow through trainings

Last year I was attending an ABC-tournie in Zürich, meeting people playing for only 6 months in Bern, and I was amazed by the level they obtained within this short period. Trainings organised buy one of the more experienced players (his name slips).

I’m talking for myself, and I wonder in what extent others do follow me in this, but I would still really appreciate trainings for beginners including myself. In a certain regular time having trainings on more elaborate subjects and exercises (ball handling, strategy, bike handling, passes, defense, goalie…). This for the fresch newbe’s as well as every already playing player.

I do want to take the organisational aspect on me (with someone else if motivated), but in case the more experienced players could give the trainings, that would be great! In case 6 more experienced players are motivated, this would mean only each 1,5 month presence, in case of a weekly training.

What do you think about this?

Club bikes

Let’s rethink and rework the availability and state of the existing club bikes!

And what about constructing some more very simple old nineties 26” mountainbikes with v-brakes.

In case we can lend out a bike for a longer time to a newbe, this could keep the threshold lower to keep playing… until the person is sure to want to keep going, and purchase an own bike. I don’t mind constructing, but wonder if there’s a certain budget in the club to make sure they at least roll and brake properly.

Where’s the green small Main d’Or who used to belong to Stan?


I believe a lot in the possible effect of such an initiative, so I’m pretty motivated to put my shoulders under it. But I believe it’s in the interest of the whole club and every single player. So I hope to find more people motivated to engage for this purpose, by helping where possible, and according available time and energy.

My questions to check with the people present on the meeting (and later within the entire club):

  • who wants to help organizing this with me
  • who is willing to lead 1 or some of the organised trainings (both Newbe and further trainings)

Don’t hesitate to mail me with thoughts or reactions either.


Réaction de Brice:

Amen to this.
thanks for taking care of it.

here are few things I can say, waiting for tonight’s meeting :

  • I think Benoit worked on such a QR, if i’m not mistaking. used to spread it during critical masses.

  • I could come and be part of the “beginner’s project” as “coach” once in a while, if you like.

  • regarding the loaner bikes, I think it’s always a good idea, but we need indeed to manage the costs and storage of those bikes.

(from my experience, money and space are 2 hard things to find in life…)

anyway thanks for putting this together !

full support.