Truvativ Hammerschmidt / Fleetvelo Joust

Deep in the Interwebs, there is evidence of long-lost alien technologies that make my brain gears spin excitedly now and then.

One such artifact is the Fleetvelo Joust polo bike, coming with an optional Truvativ Hammerschmidt crankset.

There are a lot of questions that I would like someone familiar with this bicycle to answer. Would be much grateful for any comments.

  1. How does it compare to a nice hub/freewheel in terms of free travel? Will it be much worse than a freewheel with 108 points of engagement, when running a fixed rear hub?
  2. Is the upper chain guide necessary when running singlespeed? Are all those bashguards necessary? It must be possible to make the system lighter physically and visually, right?
  3. Has anyone tried making a bigger chainring (say, 30T), to run something like 1.6 + 2.56? Looks manageable, although the bashguards will be much smaller than the chainring.
  4. Any photos in your archive of this polobike, other polobikes running this system?

One of the Sydney bike polo players used to run a hammerschmidt setup. Heavy but it seemed to work. I remember him doing something neat with an old shimano shifter… He’s out of the scene now. Was neat af.

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Talk to Tucker S in Milwaukee about this bike