Two training techniques that have worked for me over the years.

You can’t get better at something just by wanting to you have to actually put in the time and the effort. These are two different techniques I’ve developed over my years of Polo that help me hone in some skills one has to do with handling and the other one has to do is shooting/passing.

I said aside like 30 minutes when I’m bored to do these things. Go find a smooth surface and a ball. Throw the ball out there and try to do your smallest circles with bike and possess the ball when you get dizzy in that direction, switch direction. Usually 20-30 circles without messing up. Try to get the circle as small as possible. Once that gets boring increase speed. After that my session usually develops into just ripping the ball down court. I like to put a bottle standing where the goal will be. This helps you find the mouse hole rather than just aiming for 4 ft wide goal.

Shooting drill

For this one you don’t need a bike you just need a concrete or brick wall. Well actually you also need a brick or two. Put the bricks on top of each other and place them perpendicular to the wall so the long waist is pointing towards you… now you can work on accuracy by just trying to hit the tip of the brick and then collect the ball and do it again. I like to work on forearm and back swing by trying to get the ball to bounce off the sides of the brick this should usually put it right back to where your mouth was hitting so you can do it consecutively and quickly.

I love to upload a video right now but I don’t have the means I’ll do so later this week but there you have it two basic training techniques that will accelerate your game more than you know