Are there any Ukraine Polo players on Poloverse? Hope you are doing okay. Sorry Germany is being such a quisling.

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Lotsa love, i heard some part of internet is down in parts of the country

Dima replied to my message today, he said he was safe for now but it was hard to predict what will happen tomorrow.
Is there something we as Bikepolo community could do for Ukraine polo community?


I’ve donated some cash to the red cross. (I hope that was a good idea.) Otherwise, I’m out of ideas…
Anything else feels like performative gestures.


i guess we can open our doors to house any ukrainian refugee very soon ?

i saw a post saying two polo players enroled in the ukrainian army.


My thoughts. I actually told Dima this, no questions. I just hope they will be safe and that madness will be over soon

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I was also told to donate to the red cross and to the army. This are the links Romana sent me:

Support army


Direct donate

Support Red Cross

I also made it clear that our doors are open. She mention some people were offline, hopefully on the move somewhere.

This is so aweful :confused:


Yes, my house is also open to any one who needs a place. But otherwise there’s not much we can do.

Hey there! It’s Nata here from Kyiv. I am relatively safe. Some of our players joined the territorial defense forces and now protect out country with weapons in their hands (yeah, I know that’s huge haha, just two weeks ago teams for Berlin mixed were our biggest problem).

There’s actually something that you can do. A lot of new people joined the army/territorial defense and we are extremely short of protective and some other equipment (helmets, bulletproof vests, army 1st aid kits, walkie-talkies etc), almost all the stores are empty. That’s why we are looking for people who can buy some things for us in their countries and for those who can drive to Kyiv or to the western border with this stuff. We’ll pay for the stuff and can also compensate travel expenses. If you can help with any of these things or know someone who can, please text me, that would be a huge help for us.

There are also many projects that you can donate to apart from the Red Cross, here goes the link to the list of them.

It also contains links to the documents that explain how you can help in other ways.

Thank you for your concern, help, and support! We are strong and we are fighting really hard but we need foreign support a lot. And even though I am relatively new to bike polo, I could already see and feel how strong the community is. Thank you again! :fist:


Hi nata, good to hear you are safe. We are all watching this with horror. I can’t begin to understand what you and the others are going through. I will give what is possible. I think driving to Kyiv is out of the question, but i will see if it’s possible to organize through any polish friends a dropoff of food at the border perhaps.


. if you have the option to drive out the country and manage to make it to london i can set up any of you with jobs and housing. unfortunately thats all i can offer as my ressources are limited.

i beg you to consider this option i will help with visas and paper work as i freshly immigrated to the uk myself.

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I also have some space to host people and maybe jobs, too

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It’s in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

No-one from Kyiv club is leaving the country. We stay and fight and don’t need jobs or houses, we need NATO to close the sky over Ukraine. If you wanna help you can demand from your government to vote so.


Fair enough. It’s incredibly brave.

Checking in to give some updates.

Oleg from Kharkiv here.

As of now, I am aware of 3 members of Ukrainian clubs serving in the army: two from Kyiv and one from Kharkiv. There may be more. Some of their relatives have also joined MFU.

As for the civilians, at least those from Kharkiv, we are relatively well. Some have temporarily fled to other cities (shipping polo equipment to the new location, once it was feasible), some are staying at home.

For us it is possible to do regular stuff only because there are people on the frontline who risk their lives, stopping the enemy, and reclaiming our homes. Because of the devoted medics and electricians, firefighters and volunteers.

Both Kharkiv and Kyiv have witnessed the terror of russian army, entering the city and destroying the life as we knew it. Living on the outskirt of Kharkiv, my family was saved by mere hundred meters, that separated us from the closest gunfights. We have seen the fire on the horizon, and heard the tanks. Spent our share of time sleeping on the heat pipes, hiding from the rockets. There were some hits in our neighbourhood, unexploded cassette bomb stuck mere meters from my house, artillery has ruined one of the flats.

Despite all of that, we are standing and will prosper as long as we know the enemy’s face. To make the Victory closer, we support the military to the extent of one’s possibilities.

There are many groups of volunteers worth supporting. However, most of them are UA-oriented in terms of banking stuff. As such, I can recommend only the biggest few:

The initiative of our President “United24”:

Serhii Prytula’s foundation (the guy who buys Bayraktars and satellites circa 2014):

Another major fund, whose legitimacy is proved on the governmental level:

Those 3 are mostly military-oriented (which is important, because foreign humanitarian support is much larger, whereas we lack in military equipment and have to buy it ourselves).

Thank you all for the constant support of our country. It is in the unity of souls where the humanity has it’s true power. No dictatorship can break that.