Upside down brake mount

Could anyone tell me why some forks were made with the brake mount like this?

And does anyone have a rotor guard that fits in this thing?


Sup buddy!

I’ve never seen any fork with the disc brake mount welded like that but I guess it ain’t that relevant as long as it’s centered. My tip on the rotor guard is to do one yourself with an old/cheap pan. Hit me up if you need some help with that but you just need a 3/8 (10mm) drill and an angle grinder. (and some pacience too)

The final result should look like this, good luck!

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-10 at 13.02.11


Here are all the important dimensions for 160mm-rotor-based ISO mount. Should those differ, the disk guard will not fit (I doubt it).


That’s the thing, they differ :stuck_out_tongue: My question was more about the inverted brake mount on my fork… I am curious about the reason for that. Someone mentioned it was like this on some motorcycles, so maybe it’s inspiration from there?

Could this fork be from the Apple IPoloBike prototype?