WANT: Carbon shaft(s)

Was recently told that my mallet was too heavy and since my life’s alread a heavy clusterfuck, I’d like to reduce my mallet weight and step up the game.
If you got any of that sweet featherly hot carbon shit left please bring to Quing or pick up in Berlin/Leipzig/Hannover.

ok, thanks, bye

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Golf “driver” shafts work well enough. Try searching on eBay and such.

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Wassup. I googled golf driver shafts carbon and they r extremely expensive. Could you provide a marketplace website or brand that I can refer to?

I guess it depends on the popularity of golf in your country. We are mostly using OLX. It is country-specific, though.

Christoph Born is selling them in Germany. I’ll DM you his contact, @judydamage .

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Frax is in Berlin. He’s the man behind Voltige carbon shafts.

I know thanks :blush: but when I posted this he was out of stock so I thought that someone maybe has one or two to sell

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I have one extra vintage special 5th hand shaft left, give me your best offer

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10-15 rotten mallets next time we meet plus a hearty handshake and ice cold lemonade with a twist

Now thats an offer no one could ever turn down

Then deal shake with me :handshake:

Morgen ist ein Stoss Carbon Shafts in Ulm. @judydamage

Wie komm ich da ran Sam? War leider zu Slow :frowning:

@judydamage Ganz einfach, @Migcha aus Zürich produziert Shafts+Connectors.

28-29. Mai Turnier in Zürich. Frag mal rum, ob wer aus deiner Ecke willig ist dir einen mitzubringen. Ansonsten, sind @AlixOz und ich am Berlin:Mixed.

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Hey there. As it was impossible to get carbon shafts from Voltage. I decided to put some effort out source some. It’s been a journey and finally I have the first batch. They are really light 80g :dizzy_face: , strong but a little flexible. It takes something games to get the feeling.
Please email me (miguelvilacha@hotmail.com) if you are interested. I will post more information soon here in Poloverse and IG @Praaap_

I am doing this as nonprofit. Just with the goal of having the best products available.


Top danke