What is bike Polo content

We are working with Grantham, UK to get their club busy again, anyone got any links to videos / animation explaining bike polo? Want something to use for links via QR code on a flyer

You could use a linktree to list links as they devellop we use it in Montpellier for tournaments and general infos, so everyone knows where’s what they’re looking for.

And generating qr for free is fairly easy. (Don’t fall for any online service, some have a fee after a while!)

Check linktr.ee/montpellierbikepolo for an example

And maybe more to the point: https://bikepolodrills.tumblr.com/

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Thankyou! :pray: The drills are great ,:heart:

Ideally looking for a basics of bike polo video resource to introduce to people who have never experienced it before…

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i use the brelin mixed 2018 video:


Wow emotional one, lol at 3:03, I miss Theo…

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