What should I do after jousting?

I’ve been getting a bit faster and more confident about getting first to the ball, but I don’t really know what to do when I get it. Both teams are in defensive position, so it’s hard to just shoot and score, and I am super forward, fast, with a ball while my own team is far in the back.

Should I just keep riding and controlling the ball against 2 players making some time for my team mates to move up or do you have better tips?

Also, if I don’t get the ball I should just try to turn around as fast as possible?

Teach me post-joust.

Not sure where to post this, but I figure the Rookie Corner is cool for learning material… Other option would be Discussions/Training?


I suggest you study videos!

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I think this depends a lot on the situation:

if you lost the joust, the other team is in offensiv mode and your are facing the wrong way, going fast. this is bad, so try to get back to your half of the court ASAP - or get the ball!
check the position of your teammates and the opponents to decide which position to take (and maybe let your buddies know what you are up to by shouting “I’m on the 1!” / “I’ll be 2!” or tell them what to do).

did you win the joust? how? do you actually control the ball or did you just hit it to a random spot in the opposite half?
what are your team mates up to? did they trust you to win the joust and came along? or did they both stay back because they don’t believe in you?
what about the opponents? did they both (or even all 3) stay back?

but in general, if you win the joust, you are in possession of the ball and need to plan the game now. and unfortunately there’s no one size fits all approach to offensive play… either try on your own or wait for back-up, keep the speed or slow it down, pass or shot, all of these can be “the right thing to do”!
unsatisfying answer - but it makes the sport so fun imo.


a)you win the joust and you have space / time , control the ball and find how to beat the second defensor ( dribble him , fake a move and go the other way , whatever you are good at for beating defense)
right after you should have an opening for a shot on the goalie : look quickly what are the option 1-the gap of his bottom bracket 2 - the gap in front of his front wheel ? aim, shoot , pray

b) you win the joust and the defense is already on you, drop the ball hard in the corner your goalie is facing. rotate back on defense and propose him an open pass ( which mean you have to be free from any defense tailing you) or take goals.

c) you win the joust and you can rip the ball as hard as you can 1- you take yoursef out in the process and land on your face 2- you score , its amazing. everyone is shouting at you , you are beautiful emilio. you wake up. 3- the ball explode because you asked for a fresh ball and its a pink one off the ice box. rejoust.


@OGxBENJI The option c-3 is amazing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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i witnessed it with my own eyes at the berlin mix ! i m sad i didnt take a slow mo video