What was the chant the French /Italian heckle block had from 2017

Im wondering if anybody remembers the chant from Worlds 2017, pretty catchy chant in some language foreign to my American ears. Something about “du chalet”

Thank you for your time addressing this important topic.

Tout le monde au chalet?
Rumor has it there is a backstory, something about some club in berlin, but i dont believe it. Probably just some drunks trying to yell something else but fucked it up and it stuck

chalet is also another way to say home when you want your ball carrier to reset

but the chant itself means “everyone at the chalet” im pretty sure its didier or bouchard who came up with it

You are right !
“Le chalet” was a club in Berlin.
And the best way to bring people there was to Scream “Tout le monde au chalet” (everyone at the chalet) during Berlin Mixed.
As a “chalet” is also a home, it turned that some french teams use “CHALET” to say " send the ball back".