What's your favorite glove.

I’m finding myself in the market for another pair of gloves, as I always wear out the thumb too quick. Wondering what people prefer.

These where my last pair and I might just get them again but like to experiment

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I’ve got 8 1/4 inches around my mid palm and, 7 1/2 inches from my middle finger to the base of my wrist. It does seem like so many gloves are youth sizes, i.e. 12in or 13in. that is double the distance from tip of middle finger to base of wrist.

These actually are my favorites

Less than 20€ a pair , comfy, good grip and very durable. Offer small hit protection on top of the hand and fingers

I was in lacrosse gloves before but :
Too expensive
Not durable for Bikepolo
Did not save my hand’s metacarpal (fractured once on a self crash)


some of these non lacrosse gloves have very thick palm, which drain my gripping faster ( like the northern standard ones)

i do have a spare pair of mtb gloves in case of rain , you never want to play with wet lacrosse / hockey gloves.

my favorite would be no gloves / bare hands of course

finally got this done which i think is the most important part to help someone who never had lacrosse gloves.

longer length 18,5/19cm (from wrist break to middle finger tip)
palm width 8,5cm
finger length 8cm (from base to tip)

i include the finger lenth because i felt like the warriors mac daddy might be designed for stubby , wider fingers. i could have played with the L size but honnestly felt a bit loose in it, and you just want that perfect fit to be as close as possible to bare hand feel.




so for me the warriors mac daddy didnt do it both in M 12" (too short of a cm) an L 13"(too wide )
i swap the M to jimmy who is quite S sized and the L one to piks who has bigger hands and told me they were perfect. i ll get his hands size too

the gloves that fit me perfectly are maverick and nike vapour both L 13"
(edit : paid 20£ for these maverik)